Jan 28, 2013

Stamping on Cookies

I have wanted to try using stamps
on cookies for a long time.
But for some reason I has scared,
I am not sure why...how hard can it be?
I think I was scared at how tiny the lines
that are on stamps.
And then I was worried about using
gel food coloring on the stamps,
it is soo thick, and I was
worried that I could not get a clean line.
Last week I was at my Michael's store,
and while I was looking around,
I saw the Cake Stamps by Wilton,
and they were on sale.
So..I bought 4 packages of stamps
and decided to give it a try!
I have to say..although it was my first try at stamping on cookies,
I was pretty pleased with how they turned out.
Talk about a fast way to decorate cookies!
Now..lets get to what I leaned about stamping on cookies.
Ok...time to get honest.
Everything I did to make these cookies,
I learned from This blog post!
Anita from Sweet Hope Cookies, did a great job
of explaining what works
what does NOT work!
Please click over to read the complete post, it is very informative.
Thanks Anita!
So...onto what I did
A few days before I stamped my cookies,
I flooded them with white glaze,
 and let them dry completely.
When I was ready to stamp I grabbed
the cookie
my stamps
Americolor AIRBRUSH color (NOT gel)
my Wilton Paint brushes
paper towels
glass of water
First I painted the stamp with the color, since I could not find a un-inked pad,
I simple shook up the color, to ensure it was mixed, took off the top
and dipped my paint brush in the paint.
I then stamped on paper to make sure the coverage was complete.
I then stamped the cookie.
Ok..here is where Anita's post is so helpful.
When I stamped, I did the traditional
Straight Down.....Straight Up Method
This does not work, there were spots of the stamp that totally missed the cookie.
Try again, using Anita's Method
Starting closest to you, gently "rock" the stamp onto the cookie
front to back, then so side to side...then rock it off the cookie, away from you.
Perfect, well perfect enough for me!
Please go and read her post..
she has cool step by step pictures.
And since she took the time to do it,
I felt no need to repeat her post,
so go read it!
Now...there will be some spots, no matter how
careful you are that the color is broken,
but that is not a problem, simple use your paint brush,
and fill in..easy peasy!
So...overall, I am pretty happy with how they came out
I do need more practice
But, they were quick and easy
and fun enough that I will try them again
The Wilton stamps have "wide" lines in them which,
to me, are more forgiving, which is a plus for me.
And since they are made by Wilton, for cake decorating,
I know they are food safe.
The cookies were ready to package, within a hour or so.
This is a major plus if you need cookies FAST!
Stamping on cookies

I also bought 2 other sets, that I will be using soon
A flower set
And a Celebration set

*This is not a paid advertisement, Wilton and Americolor,
have no idea who I am, I just love their products*

Until next time....


  1. Great post, thanks for sharing! It's already in my list of "Great ideas to try"!


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