Sep 27, 2012

Skateboarding Cookies...for Shane!

I have a friend named Caron.
Caron has a daughter named Calee.
Calee has a boyfriend named Shane.
Shane is a semi-pro skateboarder!
I have never met Caron, or Calee...or Shane.
But I know Caron is super sweet
I know that Caron raised a super sweet daughter in Calee
I am sure that Shane is super cool.
How can he NOT be?
He is a Semi-Pro Skateboarder!
He MUST be's like a law or something...I am sure of it.
So....Shane has a big Skateboarding Competition Thingy
coming up this weekend in Colorado.
And Calee wanted cookies for Shane.
Caron contacted me
And I made cookies!
Now....I am not Cool...
I know
about Skateboarding
What is cool now.
(if you want 1990's...I got your back)
but 2012 cool
not so much!
So, I turned to my cookie friends
and they quickly
brought me up to speed!
So...I went to work and made what think are
some cool cookies!
Wanna See?


And just to prove I can stay true to my
Simple Cookie self....
I made some
Simple Cookies Too!

Thank you for the order
Caron and Calee!
Good luck this weekend Shane...I am sure
you will a ROCK STAR!
Until next time.....

Sep 24, 2012

Horsing Around

My husband informed me on Saturday,
That a good friend of ours
had a birthday on Friday.
I should be on top of these things
but, sadly
I fall short
like a lot!
So...what does any good cookier do when a good friend has a
We make cookies!
Keeping in the tradition of The Cookie Puzzle
I went simple
I really like how these came out!
Our Birthday "Boy" loves horses
so horses he got!

And I also did a few "western" themed cookies!

because my husband was sitting with me
when I was looking for images
I had no choice but to let him
pick one!
Note to self...don't do that again..because if
you have to make a cookie
that looks like this!
Happy Birthday Jerry!
I hope your day was wonderful!
Until next time.....

Sep 15, 2012

Apple Picking Time

I love Fall!
It is my favorite Season..
Not too hot
Not too cool
Perfect weather for me!
Beautiful Fall Leaves
When I saw These cookies on Facebook


I KNEW I HAD to make them!
Pam posted a tutorial on how to make them Here
But I had a slight problem
I did not have a Latte cookie cutter or a mini moon cutter!
I live in the middle of a Cookie Cutter Shopping Dessert!
Dug through my cutters..and found some cutters that I thought would
work,a large gift tag and a mini flower, and gave it a try!

I have to tell you...I LOVE these cookies
While they are not a wonderful as Pam's
I am pretty darn proud of them!
I will be making them again..and better next time I hope!

Thank you so much Pam!
You are the reason I started this cookie adventure!
Each of your cookies make me smile!
You have a heart for giving and sharing,
and for that I am truly grateful!
God Bless You!
If you don't know about Pam, her cookies, and her
wonderful mission, please take a moment to visit
her site, CookieCrazie, I promise you
will fall in love...I did!
Until next time

Sep 13, 2012

Some simple baby shower cookies...a winner..and a Thank You!

I get a text message at around 9 am
"I need cookies..for a baby shower..30 or so...and I need them for a
baby shower on Wednesday afternoon."
No Problem
The text came in Monday!
Think fast
Send 8 million text messages back and forth,
30 cookies become 50!
Start baking at 2 pm.
Rotate cookies from oven
to counter
to fridge to cool
Base coat
Finish last detail at 8 pm
Wake up to great looking cookies
No Bleeding
Thank the Lord
Go to work
Come home
Photograph and platter cookies
Happy Customer
All is well at The Cookie Puzzle!
Wanna see what I can do in a short time?

I loved how these turned out!
The font is KG Kiss Me Slowly that I downloaded
from dafont.
The "Keeping it Simple" giveaway is over....
and the winner is
Congrats Tami, I will be sending out your cookies
on Monday!
See that cool collage  up there...well...I did it with
Picmonkey is way cool!
My dear friend Melissa, of Simply Sweets by Honeybee
Did an amazing post last night about her
photo set up...and
I had no idea about Picmonkey!
This is strange to me, as Melissa and I chat about eleventy thousand
times a day...and my girl was holding out on me!
While I SHOULD be mad...and not only talk to her, for
like 3 hours or so... but I can't!
Once I read her post...I quickly hopped over to
Picmonkey..and WOW oh WOW!
It was soo in one click, my pictures looked sooo
much better!
So, I have decided to be a mature person.
I Will forgive her this once...and instead give her a big
Cause I am nice like that!
If you have a second..hop over to Melissa's blog and read her post
I bet you will find it as helpful as I did!
So there you go!
Some simple and fast Baby Shower Cookies!
A Congrats to Tami!
A THANK YOU to Melissa!
Until next time

Sep 11, 2012

Soccer Balls anyone?

My cousins, Cole and Luke, play soccer.
They wanted soccer ball cookies.
I know NOTHING about soccer.

I DO know about cookies.
So I busted out my KopyKake, and my circle cutters
and made them some cookies!

See...I made a soccer ball cookie!
And I did not stop there!
I made lots of soccer ball cookies!

They were fun...lots of fun to make!
Oh...and in case you were a little freaked out
by the photos...well...the background at least.
Don't worry...the grass is scrap booking paper.
I DID NOT, make cookies for my cousins
then take them outside, and place them
on the grass to take pictures
1.  That is just gross and and un-sanitary.
2.  We have no grass in Missouri...because we have no rain.
Good luck Cole and Luke...I hope you have a great season!

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