Q: Do you sell cookies?

A:  Yes I do.  I work a full time job, and have a family to take of, but I do sale cookies.  I am limited
      on the number of cookies I can handle at a time, so if you are interested, I recommend
      that you contact me in advance of your event, to make sure I am available on the date needed.

Q: Do you ship Cookies?

A:  Missouri Cottage Law does NOT allow me to ship cookies.  If you are interested in cookies, feel
     free to contact me, and I can help you find a cookie decorator locally to you.

Q:  What cookie recipe do you use?

A: You can find the recipe I use Here

Q:  What icing recipe do you you?

A:  I use a simple glaze recipe for my cookies.

Q:  You don't decorate with Royal Icing?  Why?  What do you use?

A:  No, I do not decorate my cookies with the traditional Royal Icing!  GASP!  I use a Glaze to
      decorate my cookies.  Why?  Well, the number one reason is, that is what I started with,
      it is what I use to learn cookie decorating, it is what I LOVE, and most importantly, it is
      what my customers LOVE!
     Yes, there are limitations with glaze, but I find that the good, far out weigh the bad.
      Glaze is much softer then Royal Icing, it does not hate a bite or crunch that traditional
      Royal Icing does.  It remains soft, yet dry enough to package and ship.  It also helps the cookies
      remain soft, I have had customers tell me they have eaten cookies they have had for 4 weeks, and
     they are still soft and yummy!
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