Aug 16, 2013

Peanut Cookies



Ever feel like you are loosing your mind?
Like everything you touch falls apart?
Is your "to do" list much bigger then your "done" list?
Do you just want to crawl into bed, cover your head,
and sleep until you just wake up?
Yeah, me too!
I find myself really struggling to stay a float.
Here is it the 16th of the month and this is my
first blog post.
I have made a ton of cookies this month.
And I am TIRED!
I work a full time job, leave the house at 7am, often get home
after 6pm, only to toss some food at my
husband , son and dogs, and work on cookies.
Then when I get the cookies done,
there is still pictures to take, cookies to bag and box
and when that is all done, the last thing I want
to do is edit and watermark pictures, and the
thought of sitting down to write a blog post,
well...I just don't have it in me most nights.
I know we are all busy, I am not alone in this,
so I don't want your sympathy, what I want to know is

How do people, work full time, work on hobby businesses like cookies
or cake, and maintain a blog.
I know that in order to grow a blog, you have to be
on a schedule.  You have to post
good blog posts, and post them regularly.
I have come to conclusion, that, well,
I just can not do that.
I was talking to a dear friend of mine, a fellow blogger, who
also works a full time job, and she feels much the
same way I do.  Her blog is very successful, but she is
stressed all the time,
I have to wonder, Is it worth it?
Is it even possible to have a successful
blog AND work a full time job?
If so, how?
I just don't have it in me, I don't think I am
a lazy person, although some days I just want to spend my
day on the couch watching Bravo TV.
But I do care about my blog, I want it to grow, but
I just don't know how.
Do you have any idea how heartbreaking it is
to work really hard making cookies you are proud of,
take the time to picture them just perfect, edit them to
perfection, spend hours creating a wonderful blog post, only
to post it and have 20  people see it, and of those 20 people,
no one leaves a comment.
How about that total sense of failure, when you
post a picture of Facebook and 145 of your 2,500 likers see it?
Yeah...that all sucks.
Instead of busting my bum, only to get upset,
I have decided to stop stressing about it.
I will do WHAT I can...WHEN I can.
Sorry, if you are here and expecting regular posts.
Sorry, if you want to know that every M-W-F, there will be
a new post at The Cookie Puzzle at 9 am.
Sorry if you think I am a total looser, who can
not get her act together.
Haters gonna Hate
And there is nothing I can do about it.
Take it or leave it
My world will go on.
Oh...these cute Peanut cookies, I made them
for my sister, for her birthday.
Happy Birthday Susan!
Until next time (whenever that might be)

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