Apr 15, 2014

Mini Crown Cookies {Her Royal Highness Baby Shower}

Today is a very special day here at The Cookie Puzzle!

I am joining 14 other bloggers at a Virtual Baby Shower...not just any baby shower, a 
Her Royal Highness Baby shower!

Royal Baby Shower Cookies

Who is the Baby Shower for?

This Shower is for Callye of Sugarbelle and Georganne Lilaloa, you know,


SUPRISE Callye and Georganne!

This shower was organized by Hani of Hanielas, Michelle of Make Me Cake Me and
Mike of Semi Sweet

I think EVERY baby shower need favors for the guests to take home, so
I made mini crown cookies for everyone.  Well, not really for everyone,
this is where the VIRTUAL party comes in, so just pretend that after
reading this post, you have a cute little jar or mini crown cookies and Sixlets to
take home with you.  Use your imagination.

Royal Baby Shower Cookies

Callye and Georganne both gave birth last week to beautiful little girls.
With such talented and special mommies, they are sure to grow up 
to be little cookie princesses.

Royal Baby Shower Cookies

Royal Baby Shower Cookies

Now....let's look at all of the Royal Cookies the other attendees made!

Congratulations Callye and Georganne.

Thank you Hani, Michelle and Mike for organizing this and inviting me, it was an honor
to be included in this Royal Event!

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Apr 14, 2014

White Chocolate Covered Bunny Pretzels

Here at The Cookie Puzzle, I am all about quick and simple.

Easter is like, almost here, and I have yet to post anything
Easter.  So...today...here you go...


Easter Pretzels

I found these Bunny Pretzels at Target, a long time ago.  Like maybe 
a month ago, when Easter stuff first made it's appearence in the stores.
As soon as I saw them, I knew I wanted to dip them, I knew 
I wanted to blog about them, then LIFE happened.

You know how it is, don't ya?  Work, home, spring, TV, books, 
kiddos, other blog posts, Candy Crush, you know....

Well....I found them in the cabinet this past weekend, 
and got to work.

I dipped these in Candiquick.
This is my first time using it, and I AM IN LOVE!
Historically, I have always used Almond Bark to dip
stuff in.  Well, after using this, I will never go back to
Almond Bark.  Candiquick is so smooth, 
melts beautifully and more importantly, it 
tastes AMAZING!  I highly recommend it!

Easter Pretzels

These are quick, easy, tasty!  You can whip them up in no time, and fill
a jar for a friend, or eggs for the kiddos, or eat them all yourself, 
I will not judge you.

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Apr 9, 2014

Cookies for iPads - A Call for Help

The following is a Facebook Post from one of my FAVORITE

Attention Bakers!! Our Third Annual "Light the Night with Hope" lantern lighting for April Autism Awareness Month will be Saturday April 26th. This is the biggest event of the year and we need cookies for Cookiepalooza! If you can bake this year, please mark your calendars. All shipments can be sent to: SBS c/o Cookies for iPads 800 Park Ave W. Mansfield,OH 44906. Please share with all bakers!

Cookies for iPads

Cookies for iPads is very near and dear to my heart!  If you look on my navigation bar, you will see a whole page dedicated to them, see it?  Here it is!  

I have featured them on my blog several time, Melissa, the founder, did a guest post last year, you can read it HERE! If I could describe them in one word, it would be AMAZING!  Here is the low down on them, they bake cookies, sell cookies, use the money to purchase iPads for children with Autism.  How cool is that?  Pretty cool I think!  

Cookies for iPads

With their annual Cookiepalooza quickly coming up, I am putting the call out once again!    I am using my blog and Facebook page, asking, asking and shamelessly begging for help for Cookies for iPads.

 Today, I am giving you three options to choose from, if you are willing and able to help this wonderful organization.


 If you are a baker, and would like to send something to the bake sale, that would be great.  Packages can be sent to: 

c/o Cookies for iPads
 800 Park Ave W. 
Mansfield,OH 44906

    The bake sale is Saturday, April 26th, in Ohio.  They will take ANY and ALL baked goods, they are not picky.  Do you bake a wonderful chocolate chip cookie?  Send it!  Do you have a favorite banana bread recipe?  SEND it!  The point being, if you love to bake, and want to help this amazing organization, bake and send it, they will greatly appreciate it!

2. Make a Purchase at the Thirty-One Fundraiser Party
 Do you LOVE Thirty-One products?  Do you want to help out Cookies for iPads?  Great....I am here to make it easy for you!  

I am hosting a Thirty-One Fundraiser party!  If you make a purchase, 20% of the total party will be donated to Cookies for iPads.  We are leaving the party up until April 28th, so you have time to decide what you want.

 Click on the Cookies for iPads Fundraiser, and make a purchase

Melissa, from Thirty-One, will also be hosting a Facebook Party.  Here she will be live chatting, talking about monthly specials and answering questions.  The party will be Monday April 21st, from 8-8:30 pm, Central Time.  You can join the party HERE

I am pretty new to Thirty-One products, having just placed my first order, but I can tell you, I am in LOVE with them!  They are so well made, and the colors and patterns make my heart SING!

A special shout out to Melissa from My Recent Favorite Reads, for all of her help with this party!  She is our consultant, a fellow blogger and a Autism Warrior Mom!  Thank you so much Melissa!

3. Send iTunes Cards
If you are not a baker, and don't need/want a Thirty-One Product, you can still help.
    While Cookies for iPads give needy children iPads, the apps for some of the programs needed, can be         pretty expensive.  If you want to help, you can send iTunes cards!  Cookies for iPads, will then in turn,         give them to children/families to help then defer the cost of some of these apps.  ITune cards and                   monetary donations can be sent to   
c/o Cookies for iPads
 800 Park Ave W. 
Mansfield,OH 44906


Now that I have told you how your can help this organization, I thought I would share some personal experiences with Cookies for iPads.

In October of 2012, I received a package in the mail, with a card.  I was expecting some t-shirts I had ordered from Cookies for iPads, but I was shocked at the card in the box!

Dear Kim,
On behalf of Cookies for iPads, here is an iPad for Collin! 
How can I say thank you for being a part of helping us reach 20 iPads, or all of the cookies you and your cookie friends sent? 
Well…by sending your amazing son the iPad he deserves! May God rich him greatly with this device in ways we can not yet see!
Melissa and the Team at Cookies for iPads

Yes, in the box was not t-shirts, but an iPad for Collin!

Cookies for iPads

Did you read that note carefully?  20 iPads were given out!  20 iPads!  How did they do that?  Well, when I found out they were having their annual Cookiepalooza Bake Sale, I put the word out!  I contacted all my cookie and baking friends, asking if they would be willing to bake cookies and send them to Cookies for iPads, the response was OVERWHELMING!

Cookies for iPads

Personally, I find this just AMAZING!  And I want it to happen again this year!  I was chatting with Melissa, from Cookies for iPads, and the need this year is just as big, if not bigger.  They have also expanded the areas they help with, they want to help put in a playground at the Autism School, and send a couple special kiddos to camp.  So the need is great, and the bakers are few, so I am asking for help.  Bake, buy, support, spread the word....do what you can...every little bit helps!

If you are a supporter of Cookies for iPads, I had the amazing Melanie from Adorability Designs, create this cute little button for me, feel free to grab it, and display it on your blog.....it will direct your readers to the Cookies for iPads Facebook page.

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