Apr 22, 2014

Tasty Tuesdays #57

Today is a big day at The Cookie Puzzle.
I have join a team of 15 amazing bloggers to bring
to The Cookie Puzzle!

Tasty Tuesday Link Party at The Cookie Puzzle

Did you read that?

Do you see the cool graphics?

OMG!  Somebody pinch me!

Tasty Tuesdays is a weekly Link Party, spearheaded by the 
wonderful Anyonita of Anyonita Nibbles.
For as long as I have been joining Link Party, THIS party
has been one of my favorites!
When I noticed a call for new co-hosts, I nervously sent in my application and information.
You can imagine my surprise when I got an email back.
Just imagine a high pitched squeal and a well protected iPad, flying across the room.
After like 2.3 seconds to "think about it", I quickly responded


So...here we are, and here we will be, every Tuesday!
A Tasty Tuesday Link Party at The Cookie Puzzle!

Each week, our team of 15 amazing host and at least one of our fantastic
co-hosts provides this fabulous party.

We are all so happy that you stopped by to join us, 
because with out YOU it would not be a PARTY!

Link on ONE Party, and you link will appear on 
at least 16 blogs!

Tasty Tuesday Link Party at The Cookie Puzzle

The rules are pretty simple, Link your Recipe and Food Posts.

Tasty Tuesday Link Party at The Cookie Puzzle

If you link it, and follow the rules, we will pin it to Party Group Board!

It is not a rule that you follow all the hosts, but if you do, I can promise that you will 
find wonderful blog posts, pins and fun.
In the image below, you can click on each host name to follow her
Pinterest board.

Tasty Tuesday Link Party at The Cookie Puzzle

While I was not "officially" a co-host for Party #56, I  thought I would still
feature some of my favorite posts from that party.  You don't mind, do you?

I think that S'Mores are the perfect food.
Graham Cracker, Chocolate, Marshmallow....Perfection.
These Stuffed S'Mores Muffins make my heart sing!

I have a passion for bread.  Honestly, it is probably my favorite part
of meal, well except to dessert, a meal made up of
bread and dessert, that is a perfect meal in my opinion.
These Garlic Biscuit Knots look Amazing!


I love Crab Rangoon.  I have always wanted to make them, but
the thought of having to fold those paper thin wanton wrappers scared me.
These Easy Crab Rangoon are the perfect solution!  I love that 
they look yummy and are easy to make. 

Each week, each host will choose her own features, so make sure you check out the other
blogs too.  If you are featured, I would love for you to
spread the word, by grabbing one of our featured buttons, and displaying it for all to 
see on your blog.

Image Map
Tasty Tuesday Link Party at The Cookie Puzzle
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If you link, and were not featured, here is a button that I would be honored for
you to display on your sidebar, party page, or just wherever you want,
it does not take much to make me happy!

Tasty Tuesday Link Party at The Cookie Puzzle
<div class="THE-COOKIE-PUZZLE-button" style="width: 140px; margin: 0 auto;"> <a href="http://www.thecookiepuzzle.com" rel="nofollow"> <img src="http://i1358.photobucket.com/albums/q772/thecookiepuzzle/TheCookiePuzzletastytuesdays_zps49641e16.png" alt="THE COOKIE PUZZLE" width="346" height="251" /> </a> </div>

Apr 15, 2014

Mini Crown Cookies {Her Royal Highness Baby Shower}

Today is a very special day here at The Cookie Puzzle!

I am joining 14 other bloggers at a Virtual Baby Shower...not just any baby shower, a 
Her Royal Highness Baby shower!

Royal Baby Shower Cookies

Who is the Baby Shower for?

This Shower is for Callye of Sugarbelle and Georganne Lilaloa, you know,


SUPRISE Callye and Georganne!

This shower was organized by Hani of Hanielas, Michelle of Make Me Cake Me and
Mike of Semi Sweet

I think EVERY baby shower need favors for the guests to take home, so
I made mini crown cookies for everyone.  Well, not really for everyone,
this is where the VIRTUAL party comes in, so just pretend that after
reading this post, you have a cute little jar or mini crown cookies and Sixlets to
take home with you.  Use your imagination.

Royal Baby Shower Cookies

Callye and Georganne both gave birth last week to beautiful little girls.
With such talented and special mommies, they are sure to grow up 
to be little cookie princesses.

Royal Baby Shower Cookies

Royal Baby Shower Cookies

Now....let's look at all of the Royal Cookies the other attendees made!

Congratulations Callye and Georganne.

Thank you Hani, Michelle and Mike for organizing this and inviting me, it was an honor
to be included in this Royal Event!

This post might be linked up at the link parties found Here

Apr 14, 2014

White Chocolate Covered Bunny Pretzels

Here at The Cookie Puzzle, I am all about quick and simple.

Easter is like, almost here, and I have yet to post anything
Easter.  So...today...here you go...


Easter Pretzels

I found these Bunny Pretzels at Target, a long time ago.  Like maybe 
a month ago, when Easter stuff first made it's appearence in the stores.
As soon as I saw them, I knew I wanted to dip them, I knew 
I wanted to blog about them, then LIFE happened.

You know how it is, don't ya?  Work, home, spring, TV, books, 
kiddos, other blog posts, Candy Crush, you know....

Well....I found them in the cabinet this past weekend, 
and got to work.

I dipped these in Candiquick.
This is my first time using it, and I AM IN LOVE!
Historically, I have always used Almond Bark to dip
stuff in.  Well, after using this, I will never go back to
Almond Bark.  Candiquick is so smooth, 
melts beautifully and more importantly, it 
tastes AMAZING!  I highly recommend it!

Easter Pretzels

These are quick, easy, tasty!  You can whip them up in no time, and fill
a jar for a friend, or eggs for the kiddos, or eat them all yourself, 
I will not judge you.

This post might be linked up at the link parties found Here

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