Cookies for iPads

Cookies for iPads is an organization, near and dear to my heart.
They are a group of mommies, daddies, famlies, and friends, in Ohio,
who raise money for iPads, selling COOKIES!
When they reached out to me for support...I jump right in, giving them my full support.
*from the Cookies for iPad Facebook Page*
Providing Ipads and applications to Autistic children who are moderately verbal to nonverbal! We believe their voices CAN and WILL be heard! Its amazing how something as fickle as money stands between these children and their ability to communicate!
I am the mother of a 5 year old adorable, full of life, little boy who was recently diagnosed with autism. After major research and hearing this and that, I have found that the Ipad is key for his advancement. We started a fundraiser for him, but for nights on end, I found myself not being able to sleep while thinking if the needs of others. So, I realized God was saying to my heart that it truly better to give than to receive! SO, from that point forth I thought, do what you do best and give. I bake and I bake good!lol So, from there I invited several friends and they invited and so on and so on to do a bake sale. Here we are just a group of mommies, their friends, and their children's therapists who have decided to take this need by force. Research has shown that Ipads are a superior force in the lives of a child on the spectrum with special needs. We believe a child can become greater than they already are with one of these devices. However, these devices are not cheap, so we must do all we can do to provide to these little angels a tool that could change their lives! We are not a non-profit or a for profit organization. We are just mommies wanting to give our children a voice. May these cookies be as sweet as the need that they are providing.
General Information
We are a group of mommies of children with autism, seeking to reach one goal, giving autistic children in Ohio a voice through an Apple Ipad. We do the old fashioned cookie bakes where we sell "puzzle piece cut out" butter cookies, and sell them to our community for donations. In return we take 100% of those funds and use it to buy Ipads for the nonverbal children in our area. We have grown from 3... kids on our list 21 over a months time, but have had the blessing to award 3 with 2 more being donated! We are willing to help any child in this area, so please feel free to contact us. The only requirement is that your child needs an official diagnosis with a diagnosis of a speech delay. We are always accepting volunteers, because we are constantly needing to raise funds for the little ones. If you have any ideas or would like to help us fund raise, please feel free to contact us.
or you can contact me,at,,  and I can give you more information.

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