Jun 30, 2013

My Favorite Cookie Tools...and Winner Announced

I thought I would share
with you a few of my
favorite, must have
cookie tools.
Nothing mind blowing..
or new to veteran decorators
just a few tools that
I can not live without.

1. Wilton Decorating Bag-  I love these bags...they are thick and sturdy.  I have tried other bags
       and always come back to Wilton ones.  I am a glaze only gal, and glaze is pretty "heavy",
       so having a nice sturdy bag, is a must.  The other bags I have tried have ended in many
       "blow outs" and ruin cookies.
2. Large Fondant Roller-  I roll my cookie dough using a large Fondant Roller. When I started
     decorating cookies, Collin, my son, was taking a shop class at school, for one of his projects,
     he made me a custom dough board.  Using that dough board, and my fondant roller, I can
     roll out an entire batch of dough to a perfect 3/8 thickness in no time.
3 Ateco Decorating Tips - OMG!  I LOVE THESE TIPS!  Let me tell you about my sad
   life before these tips.  I live pretty much in the middle of no where, no baking supply shops
   near me, and the only tips I could get locally was Wilton tips.  Wilton tips are fine if you are
   a wash as you go type of decorator...me...not so much..I am a tip soaker.  Well, in case you did
   not know, Wilton tips will rust/tarnish/discolor when soaked.  I tossed so many tips.  Then one day
   I ask about tips on my Facebook page...and everyone raved about Ateco Tips, then I ask where was
   the best place to get them.  Well...because she is such a sweetie, Melissa from Simply Sweets by Honeybee, offered to get some at her local shop, and ship them to me....CHANGED MY WORLD.
  Since then, she has sent me many more, and I love them....you can soak all you want, they are
  much better then the tips I had been using.  So, I am now in the process of replacing all my
  tips with Ateco tips.
4. White-White Icing Color -  White icing color is a MUST for Glaze only decorators, at least
     in my mind.  Glaze will have an opaque look to it, if white coloring is not added.  Normally,
    I only use Americolor Gel Coloring, but as with the tips, Wilton is the only coloring available to
    me locally, so this is what I use.  Thankfully, I have a Hobby Lobby and Michael's within a
   block of my office, so I stock up all the time using those 40% coupons, so it is pretty cheap, which
   is good, because I use a lot of it.
5. Plastic Artist Palette Knife -  I am not an artist, but I love these things.  I use them instead of
   an off-set spatula to spread and smooth my glaze on cookies.  They are super cheap, I get them for
   99 cents at Michael's, they are light weight, and have a nice point to them.
6. Fondant Smoother-  I have never used fondant on my cookies, but every cookie I decorate
   has been touched with a fondant smoother.  I don't have trouble with spreading with my
   cookies, but they do "puff" a bit during baking, so as soon as the cookies come out of the
   oven, I  go over them with a fondant smoother, and it gives me a smooth, even surface
  for decorating.
So there you go..6 of my Favorite Cookie Decorating Tools.  Do you have favorite tools?
Would you like to see more of my favorites? Speak up...I would love to here about them.
Now...for the giveaway...the winner is..
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congrats Rebecca , I will be sending you an email about the cutters.

Jun 27, 2013

More Fun with Cristin's Cookies Cutters

This weekend, I had the
opportunity to make some of
my favorite cookies to work on.
Puzzle Cookies!

I just love making puzzle cookies,
but these were special.
Because I got to try out a new puzzle cutter!
See it?
Here...how about a close up?
Isn't it great?
Don't you want one?
Well...you are in luck,
I got this cutter from the
totally sweet Cristin!
You know Cristin don't you?

Of course you do!
You can find this cutter, and many other
really cute cutters at her Etsy Shop.
If you don't see the cutter you want/need,
don't panic...it is just sold out. Keep checking back.
I have a few of her cutters, and I have to say...
You can see WHY I love them
And in case you missed it,
Cristin and I have joined together
for a little giveaway,
you have a chance to win
2 Pretty Pink Cristin's Cutters!
Don't miss out!
I am make my list now..
after looking at my cutters...
I discovered that I don't have
nearly enough!
Make sure you go to my previous post,
For your chance to win 2 cutters,
Hurry it ends soon!

Jun 24, 2013


I love decorating cookies!
Surprise Surprise!
I struggle.
When I get a request for a cookie,
I stress unless it is a design I have done before.
Ya'll....I spend HOURS,
researching and planning each and every cookie.
I am not the most creative or artistic
apple in the bushel.
I don't have a talent for drawing.
Heck, even my stick figures look a bit "off"
So...I got a KopyKake,
and I thought all my problems were over.
You see...even with a KopyKake,
finding an image that matches the cutter I have,
is a constant problem for me.
If I were a betting woman, I bet I am not alone in
this struggle.
You have a cutter, say in the shape of a
chicken...and you have an image, but
how do you get them to match up?
Let me tell you about a recent order I did,
the solution I found, and the very happy customer.
So, Jen contacted me, and wanted
Dump Truck cookie.
Great..Cute...Wonderful...I can do that.
Then...panic set in!
OMG...I have never done a dump truck cookie!
So...off to Google Search I went.
I found lots of images, cute ones,
but, the customer wanted the cookie
in the shape of a dump truck, not a square cookie
with dump truck on it.  I totally understand her desire, while a dump
truck on a square cookie would be cute, some cookies
and occasions, just call for a cookie that is shaped like the object.
Then it hit me.
I have seen a cute dump truck cookie before!
My dear friend, Cristin, from Cristin's Cookies, has made
dump truck cookies before!
Aren't they cute?
I knew they would be PERFECT for the
customers request!
Great..I found the cookie I wanted to make!
Now, to find the cutter.
No problem,
Cristin makes cutters!


You can see all her wonderful cutters at her
She does amazing work, so creative, so well made.
I am in LOVE with her cutters, they offer a clean crisp cut, they are a
great size, and if you need a different size, Cristin is willing to
make a different size for you.  Do any other cutter shops offer that service?
Me thinks not.
Cristin works hard to create cutters that are
not available elsewhere, truly original designs, and
designs that people want.
She will even make a custom cutter for you,
but I know she has quite a waiting list, of people wanting
custom cutters, so if you are needing one, make sure you
get on the list.
You want to know my FAVORITE thing about
Cristin's Cutters?
Cristin offers the best service I have ever known.
She offers a totally unique service, that no other company offers.
One that she GIVES away, like for free, because she is one
of the sweetest people I know.
You see that image?
Cristin, makes available an image, that you can
print off, pop in your KopyKake, and create cookies, no
hours of searching the Internet for the perfect image.
No more resizing an image to fit the cutter.
No more trying to figure out where to put each line.
let's recap
Cristin, designs a cookie
Makes a cutter
 offers a image to help you make cookies!
With Cristin, I was able to make
Dump truck cookies!


These were the "practice "cookies I made to show the
customer.  In the end, she decided that she would like
 to have an all yellow cookie.
So that is what I made her.
I have to say, these cookies were way out
of my comfort zone, but I am very
please with how they turned out.
They might even be one of my favorite
cookie I have made.
Ok...now...it is
Because I love Cristin, and her cutter so much
and Cristin is such a sweetie, we have
teamed up to give away
2 of her pretty pink cutters!
That is right,
Open to US Residents only.
One winner will be chosen randomly and will be contacted via email.
If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be chosen.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Jun 7, 2013

Baltimore Oriole's Super Fan Cookies

We are HUGE baseball fans
here at The Cookie Puzzle.
We are HUGE
Kansas City Royal's Fans.
So when I was contacted by Julia,
asking for cookies for her
boyfriend's 25th Birthday,
I was really excited.
She wanted
Baltimore Oriole's Cookies!
Ruh Roh!
Ok....I am a professional.
I can do this.
I had to hide in my cookie room
after my son and husband went to bed,
so they would not see me make
Oriole's Cookies.
I have to say, that even though these were
not Royal's cookies, they were fun to do.
And I enjoyed every minute of decorating them.
When it came time to package them up,
my husband caught me!
And guess what?

He liked them too!
Woot Woot!
I was happy to hear from Julia that the cookies
 arrived safely and on time!
And more importantly,
Mike loved them!

Until next time...


Jun 5, 2013

Graduation Season

Graduation season is here,
and I was given the opportunity to make
several sets of cookies.
They are nothing really original,
so no "WOW, look at those cookies" cookies
here..but I wanted share anyway.
The first set I made, well actually, I made
six sets of these, they went in
Welcome/Thank You baskets
in the hotel rooms of out of town guests.
The Graduate, graduated for the
School of Journalism
at the University of Missouri, Columbia,
which is my stomping ground.
The second set I had the pleasure of making,
were for the daughter of dear friends of our.
Brandi graduated from High School.
Class of 2013!  Woot Woot!

The third and final set of cookies I made,
were for my beautiful niece, Robyn.
She graduated with her
Masters Degree in Animal Science.
I am so proud of her, she is following her passion
and that is always a good thing.
Of course I had to make her cookies, and
include a few cows, cows are her "thing", while I
don't understand it, that is just fine with me,
she does!

Congratulations Graduates.
Job Well Done!
Until next time..

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