Jun 5, 2013

Graduation Season

Graduation season is here,
and I was given the opportunity to make
several sets of cookies.
They are nothing really original,
so no "WOW, look at those cookies" cookies
here..but I wanted share anyway.
The first set I made, well actually, I made
six sets of these, they went in
Welcome/Thank You baskets
in the hotel rooms of out of town guests.
The Graduate, graduated for the
School of Journalism
at the University of Missouri, Columbia,
which is my stomping ground.
The second set I had the pleasure of making,
were for the daughter of dear friends of our.
Brandi graduated from High School.
Class of 2013!  Woot Woot!

The third and final set of cookies I made,
were for my beautiful niece, Robyn.
She graduated with her
Masters Degree in Animal Science.
I am so proud of her, she is following her passion
and that is always a good thing.
Of course I had to make her cookies, and
include a few cows, cows are her "thing", while I
don't understand it, that is just fine with me,
she does!

Congratulations Graduates.
Job Well Done!
Until next time..



  1. Love these sets Kim!! I'm pretty partial to the University of Missouri cookies. That's the college that I had always seen in my future.

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