May 29, 2013

Important Questions I Mustache

Hi Cookie Lovers!
Today, I want to talk about
current popular trend.
You know, the stuff that is all over all
the magazines, pinterest, trendy blogs.
OK, I am not the coolest person in the world,
and I would never pretend to be, but some of this stuff,
I just DON"T get.
Today let's talk about some of them, shall we?
The idea of this post came from a simple cookie request.
Baby Shower cookies.
Mustaches on them.
So that is what I made.
But these cookies got me to thinking.
Who decides WHAT is hot right now?
Is there a super secret "hot trends" club that meets?
Do they sit around and think of some super stupid "trend" then
Pin the heck out of it so that we all think it is MUST HAVE?
Let me share some of my
"I don't get it" Trends that puzzle me lately.
High Heel Shoes?
I just don't get it.
Good for your back, hips and feet?
Oh..and let's talk about two of the most
annoying things about high heels, shall we?

1. People who wear them, that don't know how to
walk in them.
2. The loud, super annoying sound they make
when people "walk" in them.
Ok, I get it, you want to be all cool and hip, fine, got it,
but how about walking around your house a few week,and
get the hang of it before going in public?  Because, honestly, when you are
in the mall, and in front of me, and walking REALLY slow, and REALLY loud, I
don't think, "Oh, look at those cute shoes, I should ask where she got them."
What I am thinking of is two things
First is "MOOOO" because you are moving like a cow, sorry, I don't mean to be
rude, hence I THINK it not say it out loud, but really, you are walking
like a cow and you sound like a cow too.
The second thing I think is
"Get out of my way!"
Because my time is valuable, I have things to do, and I have to
do them quickly, so when I am out shopping, I wear
sensible shoes, like athletic shoes, or soft soled cowboy boots.
They are flat, and quiet, so I can move quickly about my
business, and not annoy people.
See..WIN ...WIN!
Don't get all "hatey" on me now. No nasty emails please.
 A women who walks gracefully and smoothly and quietly in high heels is a
wonderful, beautiful thing. So pretty.
But a women who does not know how to walk in them

While we are talking about shoes, let me tell you something
else that annoys me.
Really, are the NEEDED?
They make really nice shoes, that have some, quiet soles.
Why is it needed to have a sole that is hard, making it loud.
I don't like to hear people walking, it annoys me.
And in case you are wondering, I am 40, not a 70 year old
grumpy old man.
Ok...moving on.
What else puzzles me?
What the HELL?
Really, do you know anyone that looks cute in them?
Ok, well, maybe a few do, but honestly, we can be real hear, do they
really need to make skinny jeans bigger then a size 4?
Have you see the people in America?
Study show that this county is getting bigger and bigger,
and the super secret trend club, decides that skinny jeans
are HOT.
Um NO!
And if skinny jeans are not bad enough, they decided
to make them in colors!
Because nothing screams
like a 40 something mom at a soccer game
in neon green skinny jeans.
(and high heels)
Really , Super Secret Trend Club,
give me a break
Can you please decide that boot cut Levi jeans are cute?
I would be so grateful, thankyouverymuch.
Ok...what else?



It is is supposed to be HOT!

Really, I am sure it was "invented" by some
super cool coffee shop, who made too much
coffee for the morning rush, and did not want to
toss good coffee out, so they tossed some
chocolate syrup in in, drizzled it with caramel, and whipped cream
and sold it to the yuppies who came in at lunch

"Look, we have a new product"

Whatev, it is cold leftover coffee!


Oh...I could go on and on
but I am sure you are bored.

So, how about we talk about what started this all off.



Mustaches are hot?

Um, WHY?

Is it because nothing says
"I love you"
like a mustache?

Is it because nothing screams
"Welcome Baby", like
a mustache?

Ok..I love me a mustache, really I do.

My husbad of 18 years, rocks a goatee, love it!

Sam Elliot!


A Mustache party.

It puzzles me.

But, the customer is always right, so when I get a request
for blue onesies with black mustaches on them, I make them!

 Until next time...


  1. The entire post just made my day and had me laughing so hard! Adorable cookies...even if we don't get the mustache trend ;)

  2. Well...I do love my high heels, skinny jeans, and iced coffee...
    But the MUSTACHES??? Now THAT...THAT is one I will NEVER get?!?
    So just baffles me. I don't really understand it?

    1. you happen to be one of the 2% who can actually pull off skinny jeans, so that's OK :)

  3. (In small voice) I rely on my mom to tell me what I should be wearing.....
    And my dad makes fun of the frappachino drinkers in a voice just loud enough for them to hear....
    Honestly, though, if you check most Pinterest "My Style" boards, the majority of pins are comfy jeans, easy shirts, cute scarves, and Toms. The fact that all of the stores are now selling neon skinny jeans, just makes it easier for me to save my money.
    Well said Kim!
    your loyal friend who still thinks mustaches are adorable :)

  4. I love the mustache cookies!! I too am not sure how mustaches and babies go together, but as long as the Mommma-to-be is happy!! Beautiful job!

  5. How can I place an order for this cookies???

  6. Hi Kim

    You may want to know that someone is using your pictures without tag you, I personally don't like people doing that


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