May 6, 2013

Lots and Lots of Autism Cookies

April has come and gone...
and I am a little sad to see it go.
During April....
of Autism Cookies.
I know you might be a little
sick of seeing
Autism Posts
Autism Cookies.
But guess what?
MY BLOG....MY RULES! are some pictures of
some of the cookies I did last month.
25 dozen of these little beauties.
6 of these fun boxes to Autism events around the country.

8 Dozen of these huge Puzzle Ribbon Cookies!

36 dozen of these fun mini puzzle cookies to an
event on Long Island!


6 dozen of these large puzzle cookies to
a bake sale for Cookies for iPads.

How amazing are these cutters?
They are a Plastics in Print creation.
Patrick has been working with me for months,
to get me the PERFECT puzzle cutter. the normal, non puzzle obsessed person, this
might seem like a simple task, but to me,
well, let's just say, I am
I needed a cutter that looked good, like a
"typical puzzle piece"
I needed it functional too.
I make a TON of puzzle cookies,
and I needed this cutter to work,
and work well, and give me the
ability to make cut out these cookies
QUICKLY, I don't have time to struggle
with little "tabs" on the side, so
Patrick made me
3 different cutter, before we got it right.
Patrick is AMAZING!
He made me a large 3.5 inch one
and a smaller 2.5 inch one
and a mini is in the works now.
Thank you Patrick!
You made me a very happy
puzzle cookie obsessed baker!

And finally, just this Saturday,
I mailed off an order of
4 dozen mini puzzle piece cookies to
North Dakota.

There you go,
my life last month in
I am so sad to see it go,
it was a lot of work,
but so much fun.
I pray I will get the chance to make
more puzzle piece cookies soon,
because they make me so happy!
Until next time


  1. You have been busy busy busy!! I amazed at your energy. Doing a month of blog posts, baking and taking care of a family. Amazing! Tell Patrick to list some more of those puzzle cutters in his shop- cause I want them!! It was great fun participating with you this month and hope we can do it again!

  2. I would like to make mini puzzle piece jewelry but having trouble finding a mold and not working well to free hand. What size are your mini cookies? Wondering if I would also be able to buy a mold?

  3. Hi Renee! I looked and there are several puzzle molds on Etsy, here is a link to them

    Here is a link to the mini puzzle cutter that I have used also

  4. These are so cute! What a great way to spread awareness!

  5. Where did you get the puzzle piece gift boxes? Thanks for your blog...your cookies are cute!

  6. Where did you get the puzzle piece gift boxes? Thanks for your blog...your cookies are cute!

    1. Hi Mark&Lisa
      I got those puzzle piece boxes at the Dollar Spot at Target several years ago, around back to school time, but have not been able to find them since then. I love them and would love to find more, but sadly, I have not seen them since. Thanks for stopping by, and have a blessed day.


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