Jul 29, 2013

Funfetti Marshmallow Bars

I am not a very adventurous baker.
I use the same sugar cookie recipe I first tried.
I tried it, I liked it, others liked it, so why change?
I use glaze icing on my cookies,
because that is what I started with.
I liked it...why change?
I have tried to get out of my
comfort zone a few times,
it was not traumatizing, but I always go back to what
I started with.
Recently Kristan of Confessions of a Cookbook Queen
and Shelly of Cookies and Cups, announced that
they would be having a Recipe Contest.
This is a contest like none other I had seen before.
One that I thought I could actually do.
One that I got very excited about.
You see, they ask entrants to search THEIR blogs,
 find a recipe, and change it up a bit.
Take THEIR recipe, and adapt it into a different recipe all your own.
Oh...I can do that.
Yep Yep Yep.
I have been following them both for YEARS,
but not in the creepy, stalky way, but in a
"wow, they are amazing" way, which is totally cool.
I spent days looking around to find the
perfect recipe (which was really hard, because everything looked so YUMMY)
In the end, I chose
Here is a picture of her bars.
Don't they look Yummy?
While I have not tried them yet, they will be made soon, very soon.
I changed it up a little, adding my own little twist.

AND  OMG...I died a little!
Soooo good!
I changed it up by using a Funfetti cake mix and Mini M&M's.
I will be making this recipe again soon, like this week.
My mind is spinning at all the combinations that I want to try.
I am entering this Funfetti Marshmallow Bar  in the Creative Recipe Contest hosted by Confessions of a Cookbook Queen and Cookies and Cups!
Make sure you check out all the entries, I know I will be.
Funfetti Marshmallow Bars

  • 1 box Funfetti Cake Mix
  • 1/4 cup (1/2 a stick) butter, melted
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 egg
  • 3 cups mini marshmallows
  • ½  cup Mini  M&Ms


1.  Preheat oven to 375.  Spray 9×13 pan with nonstick spray and set aside.
2.  In the bowl of a mixer, combine cake mix, butter, water and egg.  Mix on medium low until a smooth, thick batter forms.  Press batter evenly into pan.  Bake for about 20 minutes, until puffy and a toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Immediately top with marshmallows and candy — place back in the oven for a couple minutes, just long enough for marshmallows to puff up.
3.  Let cool completely before cutting and serving.

 Thank you Kristan and Shelly for hosting this
fun project. 
Thank you for being the awesome supportive
bloggers that you are.
The world is much better place
because of people like you.

Jul 18, 2013

Skylander Cookies for Collin

Are you familiar with
If you are not, sit back, grab a Diet Coke,
or your drink of choice, and prepare to be
schooled on all things
Collin is a HUGE Skylander fan.
He loved the Original Skylanders,
and is really enjoying the
Skylander Giants.
Now...here is the thing,
Skylanders is a video game, great, all kids play video games.
The great thing about Skylanders, is the little figures.
Little Figures?
Yep...Skylander figures are little figures, that kids
collect, and with these figures, they can
"unlock" figures in the video game.
Cool, right?
Well...I guess it depends if you are the kid playing the game,
or the parent to spends tons of money buying them. and hours
running from store to store looking for them.
Yep...I am THAT MOM!
You know, you have seen her, the lady who rushes into
Toy's R Us, makes a bee line to the Skylander section,
pulls out a highlighted list, and searches the shelf.
If I am lucky, I will run into other crazy moms,
and we can swap notes
"I was just at Target, they got a new shipment in, they have
Hot Dog, Gill Grunt, and 2nd Series Whirlwind"
"Oh...I was just at Walmart, and they have Terrafin, and
Lightcore Drobot"
Then we say "Good Luck", grab the needed figures
and make our way to the other stores.
Yep...I am that lady.
I will spend time online after the family is asleep,
looking on the internet, trying to find that
one "MUST HAVE" Skylander.
Just when I finished collecting the
they came out with
And so the process starts all over again.
So...to celebrate Collin's Passion (and my obsession) with Skylanders,
I made Skylander Cookies!
Now...Skylanders are divided into
8 Element Groups
each with their own special abilities.
When I was done, Collin was so happy, he loved them.
Then he grabbed his box of Skylanders, and
we had a little
"photo shoot"
staring the cookies and Skylanders.
You might want to grab another
Diet Coke,
I took 54 pictures (I did narrow it down for you though) and we
spent over an hour taking pictures.
So...here we go
Skylander Cookies
A nice photo collage of them all.

Now, onto the groups!


Swarm, Lightcore Jet-Vac, Sonic Boom,
Whirlwind, Lightning Rod and Jet-Vac



Crusher, Lightcore Prism Break, Terrafin,
Bash, Prism Break, Jade Flashwing and Flashwing


Hot Head, Lightcore Erupter, Ignitor,
Erupter, Flameslinger, Molten Hot Dog and Hot Dog


Tree Rex, Lightcore Shroomboom, Stealth Elf
Zook, Stump Smash, Legendary Stealth Elf and Shroomboom


Ninjini, Lightcore Pop Fizz, Pop Fizz
Double Trouble, Spyro and  Wrecking Ball


Bouncer, Lightcore Drobot, Drill Sargent,
Trigger Happy, Legendary Bouncer  and Sprocket


Eye-Brawl, Cynder, Chop Chop
Hex and Fright Rider



Thumpback, Lightcore Chill, Slam Bam
Gill Grunt, Legendary Chill  and Chill

Some of Collin's
Favorite figures:
Stump Smash, Gill Grunt, Flameslinger, Fright Rider
Lightning Rod, Pop Fizz, TerraFin, and Sprocket
and the Item of Dragonfire Cannon

Skylander cookies with
Skylander Giants:
Tree Rex, Thumpback, Eruptor, Eye Brawl
Swarm, Ninjini, Crusher and Bouncer.

So...there you go...now you know more about Skylander then
any person should ever know...we still have a
few more to collect...so if you see me in the store...
watch out...I am a mom on a mission!
Until next time....

Jul 17, 2013

Simple Cupcake and Candle Cookies

Today...I have a real short post for you.
Cupcake Cookies
and Candle Cookies.

Both have done 8 gazillion times
Both have been done by ME
at least 4 billion time.
But honestly, I just never get tired of doing them.
They make me smile. And they make most others smile too.
There are versatile.
They are fun.
They can be made in every color combination
you can imagine.
They are my "go to" cookies for any occasion.
Don' t you just love this Candle Cookie?
The cutter is from Cristin's Cookie Cutters
and you can get your own Here.
Until next time....


Jul 15, 2013

Kansas City Royal's Cookies

We are huge
Kansas City Royals fan
here at The Cookie Puzzle.
Mr. Cookie Puzzle, is almost always
Kaufman Stadium watching them
if they are home.
While I know they are not the
best team in the league,
were are Loyal Blue,
through and through.
The Royals were at home over
the Fourth of July,
and we heading to Kaufman,
to take in the game with
my sister and her fiancé.
Here is a shot of
Mr. CP and Collin ...
in the sun..and hot..

And here is a shot of my sister and I,
behind the glass, in the AC,
out of the sun, and NOT SWEATING,

For the record, Mr. CP and Collin had
seats by us too, but they chose to sit in the sun,
boys....they are just weird!
Mr. CP went to the games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday too.
He has made lots of friends at the stadium.
So many, that he wanted to take them cookies.
I thought that was really sweet,
until he called me at 1pm on Saturday,
telling me we wanted cookies for
the game on Sunday!
The Sunday game that he was leaving for
at 10 am on Sunday.
Again...boys are WEIRD!
So...I went to work on Royal's cookies.
I said a prayer for no bleeding!
I made the white glaze
I made the Royal Blue Color first, to allow
it to develop and further reduce the chance of bleed.
They are far from perfect..
but they were done
and did not bleed
and according to MR. CP,
they were enjoyed!


I am super excited about the
All Star Game this week!
My all time favorite Player
Alex Gordon will be
representing the Royal!
How about you?
Will you be watching the game?
Who are you rooting for?
American League or National League?
Until next time..


Jul 8, 2013

Gender Reveal Cookies

I had the honor a few weeks ago to be asked
to make cookies for a gender reveal party.
I had never done them before,
and was a mixture of excitement and nervous.
So, I did what every cookier does
when asked to do new cookies,
I jumped on the Internet, hoping to
find the help I needed.
Thankfully, I was not disappointed, and
found all the help I needed.
I used This post by Montreal Confections at
guide, and it was a life saver!
Ok...I had the technique,
I needed a design.
Thankfully, Erica, the mom to be, already
knew EXACTLY what she wanted.
Look at these cute invitation she created.

Using the invitation, I created

Close up of the cookie.

 Batter up...Guess the gender of the baby!

What will it be?


At exactly 7 pm...all the guest bite
into the cookie!
What is the gender?
Kyle decided that the cookies needed
to look masculine, so he set up a
little photo shoot using
Do you see it?
It's a BOY!
Congratulations Kyle and Erica!

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