Jul 18, 2013

Skylander Cookies for Collin

Are you familiar with
If you are not, sit back, grab a Diet Coke,
or your drink of choice, and prepare to be
schooled on all things
Collin is a HUGE Skylander fan.
He loved the Original Skylanders,
and is really enjoying the
Skylander Giants.
Now...here is the thing,
Skylanders is a video game, great, all kids play video games.
The great thing about Skylanders, is the little figures.
Little Figures?
Yep...Skylander figures are little figures, that kids
collect, and with these figures, they can
"unlock" figures in the video game.
Cool, right?
Well...I guess it depends if you are the kid playing the game,
or the parent to spends tons of money buying them. and hours
running from store to store looking for them.
Yep...I am THAT MOM!
You know, you have seen her, the lady who rushes into
Toy's R Us, makes a bee line to the Skylander section,
pulls out a highlighted list, and searches the shelf.
If I am lucky, I will run into other crazy moms,
and we can swap notes
"I was just at Target, they got a new shipment in, they have
Hot Dog, Gill Grunt, and 2nd Series Whirlwind"
"Oh...I was just at Walmart, and they have Terrafin, and
Lightcore Drobot"
Then we say "Good Luck", grab the needed figures
and make our way to the other stores.
Yep...I am that lady.
I will spend time online after the family is asleep,
looking on the internet, trying to find that
one "MUST HAVE" Skylander.
Just when I finished collecting the
they came out with
And so the process starts all over again.
So...to celebrate Collin's Passion (and my obsession) with Skylanders,
I made Skylander Cookies!
Now...Skylanders are divided into
8 Element Groups
each with their own special abilities.
When I was done, Collin was so happy, he loved them.
Then he grabbed his box of Skylanders, and
we had a little
"photo shoot"
staring the cookies and Skylanders.
You might want to grab another
Diet Coke,
I took 54 pictures (I did narrow it down for you though) and we
spent over an hour taking pictures.
So...here we go
Skylander Cookies
A nice photo collage of them all.

Now, onto the groups!


Swarm, Lightcore Jet-Vac, Sonic Boom,
Whirlwind, Lightning Rod and Jet-Vac



Crusher, Lightcore Prism Break, Terrafin,
Bash, Prism Break, Jade Flashwing and Flashwing


Hot Head, Lightcore Erupter, Ignitor,
Erupter, Flameslinger, Molten Hot Dog and Hot Dog


Tree Rex, Lightcore Shroomboom, Stealth Elf
Zook, Stump Smash, Legendary Stealth Elf and Shroomboom


Ninjini, Lightcore Pop Fizz, Pop Fizz
Double Trouble, Spyro and  Wrecking Ball


Bouncer, Lightcore Drobot, Drill Sargent,
Trigger Happy, Legendary Bouncer  and Sprocket


Eye-Brawl, Cynder, Chop Chop
Hex and Fright Rider



Thumpback, Lightcore Chill, Slam Bam
Gill Grunt, Legendary Chill  and Chill

Some of Collin's
Favorite figures:
Stump Smash, Gill Grunt, Flameslinger, Fright Rider
Lightning Rod, Pop Fizz, TerraFin, and Sprocket
and the Item of Dragonfire Cannon

Skylander cookies with
Skylander Giants:
Tree Rex, Thumpback, Eruptor, Eye Brawl
Swarm, Ninjini, Crusher and Bouncer.

So...there you go...now you know more about Skylander then
any person should ever know...we still have a
few more to collect...so if you see me in the store...
watch out...I am a mom on a mission!
Until next time....


  1. Love your story!
    Your photos and cookies are so cute!! Pinned to my "Cookie Board". =)

  2. My little guy loves skylanders too!!! And don't laugh....but this was totally educational for me. I didn't know about the different elements and that the little guys each fall into a category! Clearly, I'm behind!
    Your cookies are gorgeous and I'm happy to know Colin has been enjoying himself!
    Can't wait to see what you do with the next game.....that swap thingy skylander.....

  3. I'm sooo out of the loop. My youngest is 31 and I have no idea what's popular these days. Thanks for posting.

  4. Wow! I've heard of Skylanders but had no idea what it was all about. That's for educating me. My brother is really into ninja turtles. He doesn't know how to play video games but he loves collecting figures. Maybe I'll get him some but I may create a monster. LOL


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