Jul 8, 2013

Gender Reveal Cookies

I had the honor a few weeks ago to be asked
to make cookies for a gender reveal party.
I had never done them before,
and was a mixture of excitement and nervous.
So, I did what every cookier does
when asked to do new cookies,
I jumped on the Internet, hoping to
find the help I needed.
Thankfully, I was not disappointed, and
found all the help I needed.
I used This post by Montreal Confections at
guide, and it was a life saver!
Ok...I had the technique,
I needed a design.
Thankfully, Erica, the mom to be, already
knew EXACTLY what she wanted.
Look at these cute invitation she created.

Using the invitation, I created

Close up of the cookie.

 Batter up...Guess the gender of the baby!

What will it be?


At exactly 7 pm...all the guest bite
into the cookie!
What is the gender?
Kyle decided that the cookies needed
to look masculine, so he set up a
little photo shoot using
Do you see it?
It's a BOY!
Congratulations Kyle and Erica!


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