Jul 8, 2013

Gender Reveal Cookies

I had the honor a few weeks ago to be asked
to make cookies for a gender reveal party.
I had never done them before,
and was a mixture of excitement and nervous.
So, I did what every cookier does
when asked to do new cookies,
I jumped on the Internet, hoping to
find the help I needed.
Thankfully, I was not disappointed, and
found all the help I needed.
I used This post by Montreal Confections at
guide, and it was a life saver!
Ok...I had the technique,
I needed a design.
Thankfully, Erica, the mom to be, already
knew EXACTLY what she wanted.
Look at these cute invitation she created.

Using the invitation, I created

Close up of the cookie.

 Batter up...Guess the gender of the baby!

What will it be?


At exactly 7 pm...all the guest bite
into the cookie!
What is the gender?
Kyle decided that the cookies needed
to look masculine, so he set up a
little photo shoot using
Do you see it?
It's a BOY!
Congratulations Kyle and Erica!


  1. We loved our cookies. Thank you, Kim!!!

  2. Oh gosh Kimmie you did these PERFECTLY! I've yet to make gender reveal cookies other than bees because Mellissa doesn't want me to know before her - little stinker that she is. Yours are just perfect and I'm sure the parents to be just loved them!


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