Jul 17, 2013

Simple Cupcake and Candle Cookies

Today...I have a real short post for you.
Cupcake Cookies
and Candle Cookies.

Both have done 8 gazillion times
Both have been done by ME
at least 4 billion time.
But honestly, I just never get tired of doing them.
They make me smile. And they make most others smile too.
There are versatile.
They are fun.
They can be made in every color combination
you can imagine.
They are my "go to" cookies for any occasion.
Don' t you just love this Candle Cookie?
The cutter is from Cristin's Cookie Cutters
and you can get your own Here.
Until next time....


1 comment:

  1. Kim.. I love these. I am giggling.. because I did the exact same color scheme for my brothers birthday set that had the same candle and a cupcake in it. :) we were on he same color wavelength this week.. I posted mine on both pages. :) I love how you did our flames. :) Gotta love the cupcakes..


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