Nov 25, 2012

Nativity Cookies

I baked and decorated my
first Christmas Cookie
of the year this weekend
I have to say, Collin and I had
lots of fun.
To kick off the Christmas Season
I thought I would share some cookies that
reflect the TRUE meaning of
the season.
I just love nativity scenes...
So I did Nativity cookies
keeping them simple of course,
in true
The Cookie Puzzle
I loved how they turned out!
Let me give you a closer look at them.
The Angel

The Holy Family
The Three Wisemen

The Shepard and his sheep
Holy Night Plaque
And...because I took 38 picturs of
13 cookies

Have a Blessed Christmas Season my
Cookie Friends,
and Remember...
Jesus is the Reason for the Season!
Until next time...




Nov 10, 2012

Virtual Thanksgiving Potluck

Thanksgiving is that special holiday
Those three things make for a special day!
I am blessed with a wonderful family.
My family makes amazing food!
(my sister's stuffing balls...SHUT THE DOOR YUMMY!)
I have an amazing group of friends!
We have been together for sometime.
We  share cookie stories and ideas.
We help each other when cookies don't look right.
We listen when one of us have one of those total off day,
you know then you have craters, and bleeding.
Only a cookie friend would understand that.
My wonderful husband and family are super
supportive of me and my cookies, but honestly
if I tell my husband that my brown is bleeding into my white, his
response is
"Put a band-aid on it, that usually helps."
He clearly does not "get" me like my
friends do.
SO....since my friends are spread out all over the
country, we decided to have a
We each brought a cookie-fied Thanksgiving dish.
I brought turkey!
Talk about pressure!
But, I have to say..I loved how it turned out!

I also brought mashed potatoes

and gravy
Want to see what the other ladies brought?
The wonderful Melissa from
put together a wonderful collage for us
Thank you Melissa.
Make sure you click on the links
below to see the more pictures of the cookies,
they will take your breath away...
and make you hungry!



Thank you ladies for being great friends and for all the
wonderful cookies
Hopefully we can get together for real some time and have a
Until next time

Nov 8, 2012

Paying it Forward...with cookies

In my previous three posts,
I shared about some amazing things
that happened to my family and I .
First, I had an Auction, and raised money
for my son's class.
Collin was blessed with a
new iPad, you can read about it AMAZING friends, surprised
us with love, encouragement, cookies and gift card
If you want to cry tears of joy, you can read all about it Here!
Weeks before all of this happened, Collin and I planned
to mail cookies to
for their bake sale.
Baking cookies for them, has always made me feel good,
knowing that every single dollar raised, goes to purchase
an iPad for a deserving child.
Wanna see what I sent?
of course I made
Puzzle Cookies!
Then I made some pumpkin cookies
but I HAD to include a puzzle piece!

And I made one more cookie design...
And I have to say...I LOVE THEM!
Remember me telling you about
Well, Patrick and the PIP gang are amazing!
They make custom cookie cutters and presses,
and the customer service is TOP NOTCH!
Well, they made a cookie press, of the
Cookies for iPad logo, of course I bought one!
And I used it for the cookies I sent them!
I have to say, once again, I am in LOVE with
AND...I used
This recipe shared by the
legendary Sugarbelle!
OMG! Talk about Yummy!
You HAVE to try these cookies!
So...using the amazing cookie press, and the yummy cookie recipe
I made cookies!

Collin and I will be making cookie for them again,
in December, for a VERY SPECIAL event...shhh..
don't tell, it's a secret!
Until next time....

Nov 5, 2012

Humbled (Part 3)

Welcome back!
In case you missed the previous two posts,
you can catch
Part One Here,
I made cookies and auctioned them off
for Collin's Special Service Class
Part Two Here,
Collin was bless with an iPad from the
wonderful people at
So..this is now part three
the rest of the story, if you will.
This part of the story...
it was HARD to write about!
Hard, because, well, I am just so blessed.
I have the most amazing network of
cookie friends.
Friends from all over the country
Friends from other countries
Friends that are so caring,
giving and supportive.
I am so blessed to have them in my life!
These are ladies that will help me with a cookie
that does not look right, by giving me suggestions.
These are ladies that will shop for me,
because I live in a baking goods desert.
These are friends who will send me a
retired cookie cutter, because I have looked forever
for it, and they have it, and don't use it.
These are friends who, find out I don't have a
cutter, that should be a staple for every cookier, and
have one shipped to me.
These are friends, who find puzzle patterned stuff,
and ship it to me, because they know
puzzle pieces make me happy!
These are friends who, find a puzzle cutter, find out it is only
available in the UK, and find a way to get it for me,
These are friends who will spend their day off
running to TJ Maxx and Home Goods, searching
for Pumpkin Emulsion for me.
These are friends, who, when I tell them a package is
lost in the mail, help me track it down so that a
customer can have cookies for their special event.
These are friends, who, when they find out my cookies are lost,
offer to bake new cookies, and drive them one hour, just
so there will be cookies for an Autism Walk.
These are friend, who, will help me with graphic
work, because I have not talent for that.
Get the point?
So...I tell you this, because what they did for
Collin and I, is simply mind blowing.
So, want all the details?
Here it goes.
When we last left off, it was Monday
Collin had just got his iPad.
Life was good!
I was so excited for him
He was excited
I was humbled at all the love and support
my friends were showering down on me.
Look what started showing up in my

I guess, my friends got the news about Collin's iPad
long before I did!
Well...I started asking...and asking...and
Finally...the story came out!
Melissa of Cookies for iPads, had told my friend
Heather of
SugarNoshTreats, Collin was getting an iPad.
Heather, just could not keep a secret, and told others, lots of others!
It would seem that all my friends KNEW Collin was getting and iPad, and they
kept it a secret from me...
the little boogers sent Collin
gift cards to use for his iPad apps. Gift Cards, for him to use for accessories for his
iPad, Gift Cards for him to use to buy stuff for his class.
AND they sent the sweetest cards, letters, emails, messages, and cookies.
They kept coming, and coming and coming!
Ya'll, I was in tears for a week!
Just when I thought I had my act together, I would get something else.
Good People
Kind People
Loving People
Generous People
I have met NONE of these ladies, but I email, message, text and chat with many
of them on a daily basis. They are my rocks, they lift me up, hold me up, encourage me,
motivate me, help me, make me laugh, make me cry, and listen to me.
And I am proud to call each and everyone of them
They are NOT my "cookie" friends.
They are NOT my "Internet" friends.
These ARE my friends!
I KNOW them, and they KNOW me!
And, even though I have never met them, if I need one of them
they are there, just a call, text, email, or message away.
From the very bottom of my heart
Thank you Ladies!
Thank you for your friendship!
Thank you for supporting me!
Thank you for caring for me!
Thank you for caring for Collin!
Thank you for your kind hearts!
Thank you, for being YOU!
You are amazing ladies...
I am so blessed
 to have each and everyone of you
in my life!
Until next time.......

Nov 4, 2012

Humbled (Part Two)

Thanks for coming back to hear
"The Rest of the Story"
In case you missed the first part
you can read about it Here

So...the Auction ended on a Saturday,

I was so happy, so humbled, so grateful!

I was walking on cloud nine!
Little did I know what was about to happen!

I came home from work that Monday

and there was a package waiting for me,
when I saw it was from Cookies for iPads,
 I was
pretty excited, the t-shirts I had ordered were HERE!

If you are interested in purchasing a shirt of your own,
you can find information on their Facebook Page
Aren't they cool?

They are so cute, I ordered three!

If you do not know about Cookies for iPads,
I wrote about them Here

They are an amazing group in Ohio. who,
bake cookies and sell them to raise money
to purchase iPads for Autistic Children.

This is an organization near and dear to my heart,
I support them in any way that I can.

So, I set the box on the table, changed clothes, read the mail,

you know the stuff you do when you get home from work.

The I sat down to look at my t-shirts,

I opened the box, and there was a card

Dear Kim,

On behalf of Cookies for iPads, here is an iPad for Collin!
How can I say thank you for being a part of helping us reach 20 iPads, or all of the cookies you and your cookie friends sent?
Well…by sending your amazing son the iPad he deserves! May God rich him greatly with this device in ways we can not yet see!

Melissa and the Team at Cookies for iPads

In the box was an iPad for Collin!

Umm..lets just say what happened next was not a pretty site

I grabbed the box, my phone and ran out to the back yard!

Crazy women?


A woman who was crying like a baby!

And, I did not want Collin to see me!

I cried for a good 10 minutes, and called my husband,

of course I was crying, and he got scared, and when I finally found

the words to tell him, he rushed home, and when he got here

he was teary eyed too.

Then I called my mom, and my sister, and emailed my bestie.

I was just so humbled, and in total shock!

I was totally surprised, I had no idea

no idea what so ever!

I was expecting t-shirts


an iPad!

So, after we gained control of our emotions, we called Collin

into the kitchen, and I read him the card

His eyes got HUGE!

"For ME?" he asked

"Yes, Collin, for you, because you are special!"
I promise, he is excited......I just forgot to tell him to SMILE!

Collin knows all about Cookies for iPads, when I bake cookies for them

he always helps, he know we bake cookies to raise money to buy

iPads for "special" children.

He KNOWS cookies buy iPads for "special" children.


Collin does not know HE is one of those special children.

Well, he knows...but he never thought he would get one,

never asked for one

never wanted one.
So..he took it into his room, and my husband and I went to the store
to get him a case for it.
When we came home, he was watching TV, and the iPad was on the foot of his bed.
When I asked him how he liked it, his answer shocked me.
He told me to
"Send it back, I do not deserve it, give it to someone who REALLY needs it"
Broke my heart.
It took several hours to convince him, that he DID deserve it, that he WAS special
and that they WANTED him to have it!
Later that night, I could hear him in his room
"They gave me an iPad, because I am special"
"They gave me an iPad, because I am special"
"They gave me an iPad, because I am special"
So...after he fell asleep, and the house was quiet, I jumped online, shared the story, and chatted
with my cookie friends...they were all so supportive, so happy for Collin.

I was so worried about sharing this with anyone.

Well, I was worried that people would think that I only supported
Cookies for iPads,
to GET an iPad for Collin.

Would they think I had selfish motives in my support of them?

Would they think Collin did not deserve it?

Would they get sick of hearing my constantly talking about
Cookies for iPads, and Autism in general?

I will admit I was scared to share about it, publicly, for several days.
Only our family and my close cookie friends, online knew about it.

But they were soo supportive, and encouraging, and kind, and encouraged me to
step out of my comfort zone, and share it with everyone.

So after a couple of day's, I shared on my personal Facebook page
and on The Cookie Puzzle page.


I Had to, because what happened
next, simply BLEW MY MIND!
Until next time,

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