Nov 10, 2012

Virtual Thanksgiving Potluck

Thanksgiving is that special holiday
Those three things make for a special day!
I am blessed with a wonderful family.
My family makes amazing food!
(my sister's stuffing balls...SHUT THE DOOR YUMMY!)
I have an amazing group of friends!
We have been together for sometime.
We  share cookie stories and ideas.
We help each other when cookies don't look right.
We listen when one of us have one of those total off day,
you know then you have craters, and bleeding.
Only a cookie friend would understand that.
My wonderful husband and family are super
supportive of me and my cookies, but honestly
if I tell my husband that my brown is bleeding into my white, his
response is
"Put a band-aid on it, that usually helps."
He clearly does not "get" me like my
friends do.
SO....since my friends are spread out all over the
country, we decided to have a
We each brought a cookie-fied Thanksgiving dish.
I brought turkey!
Talk about pressure!
But, I have to say..I loved how it turned out!

I also brought mashed potatoes

and gravy
Want to see what the other ladies brought?
The wonderful Melissa from
put together a wonderful collage for us
Thank you Melissa.
Make sure you click on the links
below to see the more pictures of the cookies,
they will take your breath away...
and make you hungry!



Thank you ladies for being great friends and for all the
wonderful cookies
Hopefully we can get together for real some time and have a
Until next time


  1. You brought my favorite food at Thanksgiving - mashed potatoes! And they look DELISH! Thanks for doing all this Kimmy, it looks perfect!

  2. Planning a Virtual Thanksgiving? Here's 7 Virtual Thanksgiving ideas you can try During COVID-19 to bring your virtual workforce closer together in the true spirit of the holiday.


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