Jul 15, 2013

Kansas City Royal's Cookies

We are huge
Kansas City Royals fan
here at The Cookie Puzzle.
Mr. Cookie Puzzle, is almost always
Kaufman Stadium watching them
if they are home.
While I know they are not the
best team in the league,
were are Loyal Blue,
through and through.
The Royals were at home over
the Fourth of July,
and we heading to Kaufman,
to take in the game with
my sister and her fiancé.
Here is a shot of
Mr. CP and Collin ...
in the sun..and hot..

And here is a shot of my sister and I,
behind the glass, in the AC,
out of the sun, and NOT SWEATING,

For the record, Mr. CP and Collin had
seats by us too, but they chose to sit in the sun,
boys....they are just weird!
Mr. CP went to the games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday too.
He has made lots of friends at the stadium.
So many, that he wanted to take them cookies.
I thought that was really sweet,
until he called me at 1pm on Saturday,
telling me we wanted cookies for
the game on Sunday!
The Sunday game that he was leaving for
at 10 am on Sunday.
Again...boys are WEIRD!
So...I went to work on Royal's cookies.
I said a prayer for no bleeding!
I made the white glaze
I made the Royal Blue Color first, to allow
it to develop and further reduce the chance of bleed.
They are far from perfect..
but they were done
and did not bleed
and according to MR. CP,
they were enjoyed!


I am super excited about the
All Star Game this week!
My all time favorite Player
Alex Gordon will be
representing the Royal!
How about you?
Will you be watching the game?
Who are you rooting for?
American League or National League?
Until next time..



  1. Great cookies! I know exactly how weird men can be. You know me & baseball don't get along but I'd sure go to a Royals game to see Alex Gordan. Whoo hoo!

  2. These are so cute, Kim! The writing is nearly perfect! :)

  3. Thanks for coming and linking up at The Weekend Social. Please be sure to come back next week starting Thursdays at 9PM EST on Kitchen Dreaming.com ! I hope to see you there! (Pinned)


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