Sep 18, 2014

Door Wall

The tour of our new Rustic Home continues today.  I promised that once we get moved and settled, I will get back to blogging about cookies, creating some crafts and sharing some recipes, but for right now, my life is all new house, all the time!  Hang with me..I am sure it will not be that much longer!

Today, I want to share one of my favorite features of the house, well, one of my favorites.

My door wall, or wall of doors or door accent wall, or as I call it "freaking cool" Or as many have said "well...that is different"

Door Wall

We had a dear dear friend give us several old vintage beautiful doors.  I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them, and KNEW I wanted to use them in our home.  My problem was that all the door opening in the house are 36 inches wide, and none of these vintage doors were that wide.

Door Wall

I have seen may projects for re-purposing doors, wainscoting, tables, benches, headboards, but I wanted the doors to shine in the house.  I told Mr. Cookie Puzzle to cover the wall with doors!  At first he was just going to stand them up against the wall, in a neat and tidy row and attach them.  Yeah, NO, that is not what I wanted!  I had to explain to him, I wanted a door wall puzzle type of thing going on.  Nothing even, no pattern, random door pieces and parts, just put up like a puzzle, until the wall was covered.  He kinda scratched his head, said OK, and I went off to work.

Door Wall

When I came in that night and saw it,,,,I might have squealed like a little girl and I might have cried a little, but the bottom line is that I LOVE IT!  I left the doors in the rough shape they were in, just cleaning them, I did not paint them, refurnish them, alter the finish at all, I just let them shine in all their vintage, beat up glory...and I Love them.  

I still need to get one door handle plate, and I am still trying to figure out outlet covers, but for the most part, this is done.  I love that it lets the doors shine, that is an interesting feature to the house, that it is a great conversation piece and that it is totally unique to US, one of a kind and special.

So...what do you think...great idea..or decorating fail?

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