Aug 11, 2014

Glass Insulator Lights

Happy Monday Friends!

Today, I thought I would share with you some of the lights what we installed in our new house!  Please excuse the dust, we are still installing trim work, and that is why you see the lovely orange cover on the smoke detectors too.  But..this is a house in you will see picture of a house in progress!

Glass Insulator Lights

 Aren't they beautiful!  I just love them!  We had them made YEARS ago, and they have been sitting in our basement, just waiting to be installed!  Well...they have been installed for months now, I am just getting around to sharing them with you.  Right now, I have three of these, but a fourth one is being made now.

Glass Insulator Lights

I have had  glass insulators in a box for years and years, Mr. Cookie Puzzle has had boxes of them in his work shop forever and a day too.  My mom has some glass insulators from the farm she grew up on as well as some from my dad's family farm.  BUT, for these lights, I used insulators that I picked up from garage sales, auctions, clean up jobs and just wherever I can find them.

To have them made, Mr. Cookie Puzzle took them to a glass shop, and for $5 a piece, the nice glass place made drilled holes in the tops.  Mr. Cookie Puzzle then too them to a dear friend, who is retired, and likes to "tinker" with stuff, and he used copper piping to make the light fixtures.

Glass Insulator Lights

Each of them is different...each is unique and totally custom...which is exactly what I wanted.  While they don't give out a huge amount of light, I am love with them.

Glass Insulator Lights

I love that he used a combination of sizes, style and color.  Some are clear glass, while some are the blue ones.  They look wonderful against the wooden ceiling too.

So..that is that...three of the lights in my great room.   Taking pictures of lights is hard!  As we are winding down, I have lots I want to share, but finding the time to edit pictures is hard, but I will do my best.

Until next time...hugs!

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  1. Awesome recycling/up cycling and just creating your own unique decorating statements.(I so could see these in my country kitchen, along with my silverware cabinetry handles!) I also love seeing these used as solar path/walk way lights. Kudo's!


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