Aug 10, 2014

Pieces of my Puzzle 8-10-14

Hello Friends!  I have missed you all so much.  I miss blogging....I feel like it has been forever since I have gotten to write a blog post.  It probably has not been that long...but, I kinda feel like it has been.

I have been crazy busy lately, trying to finish up our new house.  Mr. Cookie Puzzle and I put up the last of the wooden walls up, it was his office, and he lined it with pecan boards.  I was able to get one coat of polyurethane on it too...WOOT WOOT!  I need to give it another coat and do the trim also. least all the walls are done.  Mr. Cookie Puzzle has been working hard getting all the trim up, it seems like a never ending job.  The counter tops in the kitchen are being installed today, and the siding on the front of the house should be finished this week too.

I am pleased to say that one room in the house is completely DONE....funny that it is the half bath, but, hey, I will take what I can get, right?  I am tempted to go there today, and clean it and then lock the door, so that it does not get dirty again!

Last weekend, I moved all my cookie decorating supplies into my cookie/craft room.  All those cookie cutters, sanding sugar, tips and doo dads now have a new home.  Yesterday, I moved my Kitchen Aid mixer to it's new home, I will admit, when I left the new house today, I was a little sad.  Not having my mixer at our current house, means I officially will be doing no baking.  I really don't have time now, but I kept dreaming a a few hour or two to whip up some cookies...but that dream is gone now.  No baking until we are in the new house!  I guess that will be my motivation to get it done.

Not being able to bake, also means my blog posts will be all crafts, roundups and new house stuff until I get into our new house.  Mr. Cookie Puzzle seems to think it will be 5-6 weeks.  So..sorry for the lack of cookies and goodies..but I gotta do what I gotta do!

I have been watching very little TV lately.  Under the Dome, is one show that I will not miss each week.  I am in LOVE with that show.  The season is half over, and I am on the edge of my seat each week.  Just how are Barbie and Melanie related?  I mean, HE came from Zenith and SHE came from Zenith....she seems to think he looks familiar to her, but he does not know her at all. But...she has been dead for 25 the heck knows!  Next weeks preview looks amazing...I can not wait to see what happens tomorrow night?  Fingers crossed that the spoilers are deceiving, cause if they a foreshadowing of what happens...OMG!

Are you watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey?  Wow....just wow...not sure who is worse, Amber, or her husband Jim......those two are a piece of work!

Can you believe Fall is right around the corner?  My Pinterest feed is overloaded with fall crafts, decorating and baking already!  I have to say, Fall is probably my favorite season, I love the cool crisp air, the colors, the food and the lack of snow.  I am not a fan of snow!

This would be the part that I would share what I blogged about this week, but the only post I had was the Party in Your PJs Link still have time to link up this week!

Join the Party HERE

Make sure you come back on Thursday for the next party...we have a wonderful change coming to the party!

Today is my sisters HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSAN!  You are pretty much the best sister/friend ever!  Love you to the moon and back!

So...that is what I have been up to...what has been keeping you busy this week?

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