Sep 10, 2014

Custom Vents for Planked Ceiling

Last week, I shared our Wood Planked Ceilings, and teased about the vents and the can light rings, well today, I will share the details of the vents.

 When we were planning this house, we knew it would be our "forever" home, which meant we made it pretty much handicap  accessible, no steps, 36 inch doors, stuff like that.  So, that meant we built a slab home, and all the heat and AC vents were placed in the ceilings.  All but three rooms in this home have wood planked ceilings.

Wood Planked Ceiling

We love this look, but when the HVAC was put in,and we needed vents, I was not happy with any of the vents we tried.  I did all colors of metal and wood, and none of them looked right.  They all stood out, took away from the beauty of the ceiling, and just looked odd.

Then one day, Mr. Cookie Puzzle and I were at Lowe's and I found this!

Punched Metal for Custom Ceiling Vents

Decorative punched metal!  Woot Woot!  We purchased 3 sheets and had plenty to make custom vents and cold air returns.

Vents for Planked Ceiling

Vents for Planked Ceiling

Remember, we are building a Rustic/Simple house, so I had Mr. Cookie Puzzle use butt joints. He simply cut the metal about 1/2 inch bigger the the vent hole, tacked it up, then cut pine boards to frame it out...simple!

My cookie/craft room and Collin's bedroom and bath have sheet rock ceilings, but we used these vents also.  I was not sure about how I would like those, but as it turns out, they look great too!

Custom Ceiling Vents

Simple, rustic and keeps in the theme/feel of the house, what more could a gal ask for?

Vents for Planked Ceiling

How about rings for all the can lights?  Yep...he made those for me too!  I put a TON of lights in this house, many of them can lights, and I did not want cheap plastic rings against my beautiful wooden ceiling, so he made wooden rings for them all!

Can Light Rings

Can Light Rings

Even the lights in the sheet rocked rooms, and I love them too!

We are in the final stages, most all the work is done, we have started moving big pieces of furniture in...this just got real...soon, we will be in our new home, a home we built with our own hands....I am excited, but exhausted at all the packing and cleaning I still have to do.

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