Jun 27, 2013

More Fun with Cristin's Cookies Cutters

This weekend, I had the
opportunity to make some of
my favorite cookies to work on.
Puzzle Cookies!

I just love making puzzle cookies,
but these were special.
Because I got to try out a new puzzle cutter!
See it?
Here...how about a close up?
Isn't it great?
Don't you want one?
Well...you are in luck,
I got this cutter from the
totally sweet Cristin!
You know Cristin don't you?

Of course you do!
You can find this cutter, and many other
really cute cutters at her Etsy Shop.
If you don't see the cutter you want/need,
don't panic...it is just sold out. Keep checking back.
I have a few of her cutters, and I have to say...
You can see WHY I love them
And in case you missed it,
Cristin and I have joined together
for a little giveaway,
you have a chance to win
2 Pretty Pink Cristin's Cutters!
Don't miss out!
I am make my list now..
after looking at my cutters...
I discovered that I don't have
nearly enough!
Make sure you go to my previous post,
For your chance to win 2 cutters,
Hurry it ends soon!


  1. LOVE your puzzle cookie Kimmie! Will you send me a copy for my Etsy page? Love it!!!

  2. Your Puzzle Cookies are great! =)
    Love those cookie cutters!


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