Sep 3, 2012

I KISSed a Pirate Cookie...and I liked it!

What up ya'll?

I am sorry I have been MIA for awhile, I have been crazy busy here...and blogging has been pushed down the "must do " list a little...but I promise that will change soon. 

Be on the look out for a new "feel" at the The Cookie Puzzle....I think it is time to make a few minor changes GET KEEP IT REAL...and DO WHAT I LOVE TO DO!  I think I have been trying to be something I am not...and trying to that, has put too much stress on me and my later this week....prepare for the new Cookie will not be a huge change...but it will be ME....the Real Me...Raw...and Un-Filtered....and I am excited!

So....What's with the Title of this post?

Well....I am glad you asked....

Two of my favorite cookie decorators Melissa from Simply Sweets by Honeybee and Stephanie from Ellie Bite's Decorated Cookies, join together each and every month for an Inspiration Challenge...this month the theme is

I have had the pleasure of doing two sets of pirate cookies recently....And I see more Pirate theme cookies in my see...the mascot of the neighboring town is Pirates...So Pirates are pretty big around here.
For these two Pirate cookies...I did what I do best....KISS!
Have you ever heard the term KISS?
When I first heard it...I totally thought of the Rock Group know the hard rock band...with the face paint...and the black outfits....remember them? 
Nope...this KISS, I am talking about is a term that alot of my cookier friends us often
Keep It Simple Stupid
For me...that is a term that I have come to LOVE...because...I am all about the simple cookie! do you make a Pirate cookies....and KISS it?
Glad you asked....for is simple adding a "cross-bone" to an image!
Wanna see?
I had a last minute request for Baby Shower Cookies...the theme...Pirates!
I could of went all crazy with elaborate cookies...needing lots of colors and lots of details....when means lots of time needed...but NOPE...I KISSED THEM!

Onesie cookie shape...with a "bottle and cross-bones" on it....Pirate Theme Baby Shower Cookies!
See...wasn't that simple....Yep...sure was!
THEN.....a  the coach of the local Volleyball team, saw the the Baby Onesie cookies...and asked it I could do something similar, for her team to celebrate their first Volleyball match.
Yep...I could do that!  See....KISS THEM!

See...I think they turned out great...I KISSed them...and I loved them...and more importantly, so did the customer and her team!  Score for THE COOKIE PUZZLE!
So...the moral of the story is:  Don't stress over  a cookie design....just KEEP IT SIMPLE!   You will be surprised at how easy it fun it is...and how much it will remove the stress in your cookie designs....making you a happy person...and happy people...make happy cookies!
Make sure you head to Simply Sweets by Honeybee and Ellie's Bites Decorated Cookies, to see the amazing cookies that Melissa and Stephanie did, you will be amazed!
And if you have made Pirate theme cookies, Melissa is hosting a link party, for you to share your cookies at...isn't she just the nicest?  She is...she really is...I know...I might just cyber-talk to here, one or twenty times a day..but who is counting? month's challenge is HALLOWEEN CANDY!  So start thinking about that theme...I know I will...and you can bet that I will be giving them a big ole The Cookie Puzzle KISS!
Until next time....


  1. I love your KISSed cookies and I love this blog post! Since we chat eleventy thousand times a day I have gotten to know the real you and this post feels like you. Looking forward to reading your future posts :)

    1. OMG! You are cracking me up...only eleventy thousand times a day....I was thinking more like thirteenity times...but what ever...who's counting?

  2. These are so perfect, Kim! I love that you can "pirate" anything :)

  3. My cousin saw these cookies and fell head over heels for them! Her baby shower is also pirate themed :) so we are trying to recreate your cookie design! I was wondering what type of applicator or frosting you used to make the designs- we are running into a little bit of trouble with everything we have tried. Great post, will definitely be following and looking for more!!

    1. High Katie! I used glaze icing for these cookies, as I use on all my for the size tip I used, I would say a #1 or 2 tip. If you have any further questions, please email me at
      Do keep in mind...that is this a that takes years of practice for some, so if you are having trouble...keep trying...practice make perfect!~



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