Sep 7, 2012

Curious Cookies...Happy Birthday Kade!

Welcome to the new Simpler
The Cookie Puzzle!
No fancy smancy cookie tutorials
No long and witty stories
Just cookies
Plain and simple cookies
Lisa contacted me and wanted Curious George Cookies for
her son's 2nd Birthday Celebration
So I made her some cookies
I made some number and yellow using wet on wet dots

She wanted Balloons, but I did not have a balloon cutter (what kind of cookier am I anyway...looser!)
But I dug though my cutters, pulled out a Christmas ornament,
Swished it...and boom...a Balloon!
And she wanted Banana's
But guess what...I did not have a banana cutter either
(hanging head in shame)
BUT...I did have a watermelon slice cutter,
I cut off the bite mark, swished and tapered the ends
Boom...Banana Cookie!
Next up..T-shirts
And how about some simple round
"Happy Birthday Cookies"
Wet on wet used again
For both the Happy Birthday and the Curious Kade
I used Bradley Hand ITC, I loved the look
And the star of the show
Curious George
The whole collection

Thanks for making The Cookie Puzzle a part
of your special day, Lisa, this was a fun set to do!
Don't forget to enter the
You might just win some simple cookies!
Until next time
Hugs and Love




  1. These are so perfect Kim! I love the Curious George and how you repurposed your cutters to what you needed! Awesome!


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