Sep 5, 2012

Keeping it simple...the real me! AND...a giveaway!

One month ago today....My friend Chris of Cookies by Chris, showed me this picture

This is the apron that she made me!
It was sooo pretty...and way fancy that I told her
"OMG  I love it...when I get it I will take a picture with it my high heels and lipstick!"
Why would I say something like that?
Am I flipping CRAZY?
High Heels?
Umm...NO...that is not me!
Most days you can find me in boot, jeans and a simple shirt.  But don't be fooled...I am not talking about cute tall boots that I wear with my skinny jean tucked into, with my lipstick that matches my oh so fashionable shirt.
This is the real me...

See..that is me...nothing fancy or glamorous about can see, but I have on boot-cut Levi's over my Ariat Fatbaby Boots and as for lipstick..the only lip product I use is Morning Kick from Bubbles Bath Boutique. And the shirt...well, I was feeling a little down that day, and let Collin pick out my clothes...and the poses...this photo shoot was directed by Collin also!
But this is me!  The Real Me!
Love me or leave me...I am just me!
Which brings me to another matter that has been bothering me some.
Oh boy...when I started this blog...I had GRAND DREAMS!
I am a total blog addict!
Don't believe me?
Glance over to the right of my blog...see ALL THE BLOGS I LOVE?  I read them all!
So, when I finally started my blog...I wanted it to be great...because I wanted to be like
all the amazing bloggers that I read!
But guess what?
Reality set in!
And last month...I posted only one blog post!
That is just SAD...SAD...SAD!
Why did I post only one blog post last month?
Well...because I work a full time job, and I have a family to take care of,
and cookies to bake, decorate and deliver, and a total and complete addiction
to Reality TV!
And  I am not a writer...sure when push comes to shove, I can write a fun and Witty
blog post...but those are few and far between.
Last month my dear friend Melissa of Simply Sweets by Honeybee, posted this post A Personal Story, and it really got me thinking.
What do other's think of me, what do they think of my blog, and do they "think"
I am something I am NOT?
Since Melissa and I chat eleventy thousand times a day, her story was not new to me,
but it did make me want to "get real" with my blog, my cookies and me!
See...I am a simple person.
I don't crave or desire fancy things.
I make my cookies simple, simple like me.
Why simple?
Well, as I stated above, I work a full time job, with a family,
cookies and a small addiction to certain TV shows. do cookies, I have to keep them simple!
And you know what?
I like simple, good tasting cookies
My friends, family and customers do to!
I use the very same cookie and glaze recipe that I started with, I have never tried
any others.  They taste good, and work for me,
so I never felt the need to try another.
I have a KopyKake, but to be honest, the only thing
I use it for, it to write words on cookies.
I have over 800 cookie cutters, but my favorite cutters
are the round Martha Stewart nesting
set I got at Macy's for 10 bucks!
I have a few PME tips..but my favorite tips
are my cheap Wilton ones.
I have a few coupler type bottles, for decorating,
but I love my bags.
I have tried for months to be a good blogger.
I have written some great blog posts, but they are not me, not really.
What kind of posts are me?
Short sweet posts.
That is me...simple simple simple.
What does that mean for The Cookie Puzzle? means that I plan to post more often.
My goal is at least one post a week.
I plan to do a blog post about every cookie I make, even if I have done the cookies before.
My plan it to stop being what I "think" people want me to be,
and start being the REAL me! easy you into the new and simpler The Cookie Puzzle, I am having
a little giveaway.
Nothing fancy here
No KitchenAid Mixers
No Copper Cookie Cutters
No Gift Certificates
Just simple cookies from me
Simple Puzzle shape  Cookies...made by me, delivered to you door.
So...welcome to the "New" The Cookie Puzzle
I hope you like it
I hope you stay
I hope you enjoy it
This is me...the real me!

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  1. I love the REAL Kimmie! LOVE her! She is amazing and kind and a big heart and wonderful mommy to her son and she's fun too. I think she's pretty darn amazing and wouldn't change anything about her. Thanks for keeping it real Kimmie!

  2. OMG you are so adorable my friend. Thanks for the shout out on the lip butter. I'll send ya some more. xoxoxo

  3. OMG! You are just the cutest most petite little thing :). I emailed you something that you'll get a kick out of. We really are alike in a lot of ways. I love this post and I'm so glad you wrote it. Doesn't it feel liberating to just get something off your chest? We would get along so swimmingly if we ever got together because I love reality TV too. It makes me feel normal to watch others self destruction. You go girl! Keep on being you :)

  4. Great bog post sweet Kim! I love the apron and the photo shoot. The only thing I am just dying to know is... do you have a bigger than life superman/soldier in your front yard? It is super fun to see photos of the "real you!" I would LOVE to win your cookies too! ;^)

  5. your apron and you wonder woman shirt is too cute! I love it! My deep dark secret is that I want to become a cookier but I have no clue where to start!

  6. I want to bake and cook more. But sewing and reading get in the way..

  7. I LOVE the real you Kim!!!! And you look amazing in your wonder woman t-shirt and apron. Collin did a wonderful job with the wardrobe and the photo shoot. LOL!! I love the poses. Stay just the way you are because that's how we love you. If you ever wear out the apron just let me know and I'll gladly make you another.

  8. Deep Dark Secret...I used to pretend I was Wonder-woman as a child and fly on my dads feet in my Wonder-woman underoos. Probably not so secret since my mom took a bunch of pictures and likes to show everyone that will give her the time of day. :)

  9. Love love love this post!! Loving the "real" you!!!

  10. Kim. You are just one of a kind, adorable, sweet, amazing and good gosh I love ya!!!!! We are so alike. I so need to live near you :). I love the new changes you are making. Simple is awesome!!!! And you are so stinking cute - Collin is one lucky kid to have you for a mom.

  11. Love this post! The behind the scenes of the cookie world are so glamorous, aren't they?? :) You can just hear Robin Leach telling our stories...

    Debbie (D&T Designs)

  12. I'm a brand new follower and I love your "simple" attitude. Oh, don't get me wrong, I love fancy schmancy too. I just can't do those ways but I do appreciate all cookie bloggers.....Secret? I'm a "lurker" in the dark.

  13. Deep dark secret...I not only bake/decorate cookies, but also decorate cakes...and I have YET to find a good moist cake recipe that I I tend to go the "semi-homemade" route and use a lot of box mixes...there you have deep dark secret, LOL!

  14. I love your simple cookies, the simple you! I'm not a fancy smancy person!! Love this blog too, keep being simple. :)

  15. Your simple cookies..and your simple you...are completely amazing. I will always love everything about you :D


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