Sep 11, 2012

Soccer Balls anyone?

My cousins, Cole and Luke, play soccer.
They wanted soccer ball cookies.
I know NOTHING about soccer.

I DO know about cookies.
So I busted out my KopyKake, and my circle cutters
and made them some cookies!

See...I made a soccer ball cookie!
And I did not stop there!
I made lots of soccer ball cookies!

They were fun...lots of fun to make!
Oh...and in case you were a little freaked out
by the photos...well...the background at least.
Don't worry...the grass is scrap booking paper.
I DID NOT, make cookies for my cousins
then take them outside, and place them
on the grass to take pictures
1.  That is just gross and and un-sanitary.
2.  We have no grass in Missouri...because we have no rain.
Good luck Cole and Luke...I hope you have a great season!

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