Jan 7, 2013

Cookie Swap Cookies - Part One

I know this is a little late...
but you know what they say...
"Better late then never"
I had the great pleasure to be asked to be a part of a very special

cookie swap organized by Lene of Not Your Everyday Cookie

she had us all fill our questionnaires, then handed them out

we then made cookies based on the answers given by the person we were given

I was SOOO nervous....making cookies is stressful enough


making cookies for another cookie decorator,

that adds a whole new level to the stress.


Then I got my name!


I got a good friend of mine!

Someone who has had my cookies before,

and I have had the pleasure of having her cookies too!

She is just the sweetest person on the earth...

and crazy talented as a cookie decorator

and she just so happens to be the mom of two of
the cutest kiddos in the world!

I got to make cookies for

Stephanie of Ellie's Bites Decorated Cookies!

If you are not familiar with Stephanie's work, you are missing out

Check out These, and These and These!

Really...I could go on and on....Stephanie makes amazing cookies, they are
almost as sweet as she is!

Please take a moment to look around her blog...you will not be disappointed!

So....I get to make cookies for Stephanie...and thanks to the questionnaire
she filled out...designs were easy to choose.

So...lets get to know Stephanie a little better shall we, I made cookies
that represent some of her favorite things.

Stephanie loves coffee

Disneyland is her favorite vacation location

she is a dental hygienist, who loves koala bears  (two for one cookie)

she loves mint chocolate chip ice cream

if she was stranded on a desert island, she would want a loaded nook and Hershey Kisses

and she loves to collect art work with her kids hand prints on them!

The entire collection!

And remember those two cute kids I told you about,
well, I HAD to send cookies for them too!

Then, when Collin found out I was making cookies for Stephanie,
Collin just HAD to make cookies for Ellie and Ben too, he says they are his
cookie buddies!
(I totally forgot to take pictures, so Stephanie sent me a picture she took, thanks Steph!)

These were really fun cookies to do...and they could not have gone to
a sweeter person.

Thanks for being such a great friend Stephanie

you ROCK...

and so do you cookies!

Next time...I will show you the AMAZING
cookie I (and Collin) got in the mail!

WOW...they blew my mind!

Until next time....




  1. Fantastic post! I love all the cookies. I think you captured Stephanie so well. I happen to think she's pretty swell too.

  2. These are fabulous!!!! I especially love the cookies Collin did! I too would be so nervous to make cookies for a fellow cookier that weren't just a "simple" set. You totally rocked these. Love ya my "sweet" friend.

  3. WOW WOW WOW Kimmmie these are all AHHHHMAZING! Gosh! I'm so hugely impressed! How cute that your cookies were each so very personal. Like you, I would be really nervous about making cookies for another cookie decorator. You were lucky to get Stephanie. She's always such a sweetie and your cookies were just PERFECT! You rock!

  4. I need to learn how to decorate cookies! These are adorable!

  5. I love the cookie set you made for her! What a fun gift...Cookie swaps are such a wonderful blessing


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