Jan 1, 2013

Inpriration Challenge: New Year/New You

So....It is now 2013
and the first of the month
you know what that means?
It is time for me to join
the Inspiration Challenge with
This months Challenge is
New Year/New You
As soon as I heard what the challenge was, I knew just what I wanted to do
Now, for about 90% of cookie decorators,
this is nothing new,
most decorators work in Royal Icing,
but NOT ME,
I am a die hard
I started with Glaze.
I love Glaze.
I dream about Glaze.
I know Glaze.
I am comfortable with Glaze.
Me and glaze, we are like Peas and Carrots!
So, I pulled on my big girl panties
and mixed up some Royal Icing.
Melissa, was kind enough to share her recipe with me
and sent me videos of how it should look
each step of the way, out of the mixer, for outlining, and for flooding.
She is just too sweet!
She was my cheerleader, helping me and encouraging me every step of the way!
So, here we go
My adventures with Royal Icing!
First I mixed up some Royal Icing.
Ruh Roh.....this is NOT my beloved Glaze!
This is light and fluffy, and it does not move!
What up wit dat?
THIS is what I am used to working with
But...this is about me pushing me to try something new.
So...I colored, thinned, bagged and set to work with Royal Icing!
I wish I would have thought of taking step by step pictures, but sadly, I did not.
It was a fun and challenging experience.
Perfect cookies?
I think not!
Oh Yes!
Something I will try again?
Honestly, NO!
So what are my final thoughts on working with Royal Icing?
Well, it is just not for me.
Because I like comfort, and Glaze is comfortable to me.
I am a creature of habit.
I started decorating cookies almost two years ago, and started with glaze.
Over the last two years, we have become best friends, we work well together.
Does glaze have is faults?
Oh yes!
Will I continue my journey with it?
I could go into a big long explanation about why I love glaze, but I will save that
for another post, right now, I will just say I love Glaze, and will continue working with it.
Royal Icing is just ODD to me!
I often tell people that Glaze is NOTHING like working with Royal Icing
Glaze is like Water Colors
Royal Icing is like Acrylic Paint.
Glaze moves and flows, you have to plan, and think about what you want
your final cookie to look like.
With Royal Icing, you put it on a cookie...and where you put it, it stays.
So, I can now check Royal Icing off my bucket list.
But...never again.
I am a Glaze Gal!
Always have been
Always will be.
Make sure you check out Melissa's post....she tried working with glaze
(and Melissa also has a link party going on to join in the challenge...COOLNESS)
Stephanie did the most amazing Stained Glass Cookies...WOW!
Next month, the challenge is
I am already thinking about what I will be doing for that!
Until next time,


  1. Great post! I'm glad you pushed yourself to try royal. I understand it not being for you. Glaze was not for me. We have to use what we are comfortable with & love otherwise we would hate making cookies.

  2. Kim, these look great. They are 100,000,000,000 times better than my first attempt at royal, second, third, and forth attempts, too! But I've seen and tasted your glaze cookies (in fact I'm going to go break a piece off of one right now) and if you are happy with glaze, it definitely works for you!

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