Jan 11, 2013

Inspirational Message Crosses by Simply Sweets by Honeybee {Guest Post}

You are in for a very special treat today at The Cookie Puzzle!
Today..I have a VERY special person guest posting here!
I am sooo excited!
Wanna know who it is?
It is Melissa of Simply Sweets by Honeybee!
I first fell in love with Melissa's cookies when I saw
These cookies, in March of last year.
I was totally smitten with them...and I totally started stalking all
her cookies and blog posts.

I met her...well, not met met her...like online met her!
And...she is just the sweetest person.
She is so talented..and caring.
In just a few short months...she has become my PERSON!
Do you have a person?
If not, I suggest you get one.
Have you noticed that my pictures have gotten better?
That is because of Melissa!
More frequent blog posts...yep  Melissa!
We "talk" eleventy million times a day..she grounds me, uplifts me, makes me laugh
and just "gets" me.
Everyone needs a Melissa in their life...if you don't have one..well go get one
but get your own...this one is mine.!
So...enough Kim babble..
lets get to the real reason for this post
Take it away Melissa!
Thanks Kim for inviting me over to your blog. I'm happy to be here giving this whole guest blogging thing a whirl. I can't say enough nice things about Kim. She is so genuine, caring and kind. She is my person too. We do chat eleventy million times a day and have become great friends. We bounce ideas off each other for cookies and blog posts. We talk about personal stuff and TV shows. We have discovered that we have so much in common and we have similar beliefs. I don't know if we've decided yet but I think she's Meredith and I'm Christina (that's a Grey's Anatomy reference if you don't watch the show). I have met some amazing people all because of cookies. That's why I'm here today to talk about cookies so let's get into it.

One thing I love about Kim is that she loves things simple. So in honor of her motto simple is better, I'm showing you how to make these inspirational message crosses. They are made using a base coat of royal icing and food color writers. That's it. You don't have to have amazing decorating skills. All you need is your imagination to turn cookies like this into whatever you want them to be.
They don't have to be perfect because you are basically doodling on the cookie and they don't have to be religious at all. I made some square cookies too and one was made especially for my bestie Kim.

This technique would be great for Valentine's Day, with words of love on them, or for any other holiday or special event. 

If you don't follow my blog then you might know that I frequent Hobby Lobby a lot. I find a lot of my inspiration there and these inspirational crosses were no exception. All it took was me seeing this cross in the store and it instantly became a cookie in my mind. I collect crosses and this gem came home with me.
I put together a video tutorial for you to see how simple a cookie like this is to make. I hope you will give this technique a try.
I have plenty of other tutorials on my blog and would love for you to come on over and visit. 

Thanks for letting me take over your blog today Kim. It was fun. Hugs!


Thank you so much Melissa!  Once again your cookies blow me away!

So, what do you think, should I have more guest bloggers on my blog?

Did you enjoy it?

Let me know what you think...I love to here some feedback.

If it is something that you enjoy, I might invite other guest bloggers.

Until next time......




  1. You two are so adorable! I don't watch Grey's Anatomy but I hope there's a third person in the show or I'll be jealous ;-) I'm kidding. I'm very thankful to have TWO+ special Melissa's in my life and a Kimmie too. I LOVE your cross cookies Melissa! And I love that one you brought home from Hobby Lobby! You did such a beautiful job with the penmanship and tutorial. Beautifully done! Cristin

    1. Thanks Cristin! My penmanship used to be a whole lot nicer but years of typing and now cookieing has ruined it.

    2. Thank you Cristin! Aren't Melissa's cookies always amazing? Of course there is third person...her name is Cristin....don't you remember..YOU were the one who introduced us?

      I hope you will join me soon, if I have more guest bloggers...us glaze gals have to stick together!

    3. Was there a fourth, I don't want to be George, lol!

    4. I sat here racking my brain trying to remember how I introduced Kimmie to Melissa. I thought it was so odd that you said that and then I remembered that I asked if Melissa could join our little group. Totally forgot about that! Funny! And I totally think we should start calling Stephanie George ;-) too cute! Sorry I'm late on this reply. I didn't get notification that there was a reply to my comment. Is that weird? I thought blogger usually send notification when there is a reply on a comment. I happen to be catching up on the blogs that I follow and didn't know this was one I had already seen so I happened upon your comment...Cristin

  2. WOW!! These are fabulous!!! I am in love with these crosses!!! I also love you and Melissa <3 Both of you have helped me and inspired me so much. I am so proud to consider both of you my friends :)

    1. Awww...thank you Tami...I think you are pretty neato too...I hope you will join me in the future and be a guest blogger...I think your cookies are great...just like you!

  3. Loved this!! So awesome to have two great people collaborating on projects and helping each other. Aww. And those cookies are so fun!! You can really make them into whatever you want, for any occasion: thank you, get well... anything at all! Awesome! Thank you both xx

    1. Thank you Beth.....I think Melissa always does great cookies..but these have to be some of my favorites!

  4. So gorgeous!! Love that you love each other so very much! Girlfriends are the best!

    1. They are gorgous aren't they Lizy? Yep...girlfriends are the best...Melissa is a true blessing in my life!

  5. These are awesome!! You did a fantastic job, Melissa! I think I have a cookie tutorial crush on you. I always feel so relaxed when I watch your videos. The music is always relaxing and you make it look so easy!

    Kim- I don't visit your blog enough! love it!!

  6. These are awesome! I love the colors and you definitely captured the original inspiration piece. Great job Melissa, thanks Kim, for featuring her!

  7. Melissa,
    These cookies are AWESOME! I love the colors on the white. You did an amazing job!
    Your penmanship is perfect! I really like how you did the shading on the pink faith. I need to start doodling more! :)


  8. The cookies are awesome! What a great piece to draw inspiration from!

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