Jan 4, 2013

Pinterest Cookies

Do you Pinterest?

I do!

I totally am addicted to it!

You can follow me
It is soo much fun, and addicting...and once you get on
you find yourself lost in a magical world.




House inspiration

Home Organization

Party Planning

Short cuts




Nail Polish

the list goes on and on

A very special lady in our life had a birthday today.

And when Collin and I were trying to figure out what type of cookies
to make her, Collin had a great idea

"Just text her mom..ask her what she wants?"


They were a surprise

I can not ask her what she wants!

So...I put my little brain to work

She likes Sock Monkey

But I have done them for her before

She likes clothes and shoes

Did that

So then I did what every person does

I totally stalked her on Facebook!

In doing so, I found out that she was doing

a self challenge

A Pin a day during Christmas Break..

Ding Ding Ding

I have the cookies to make!

I made her Pinterest cookies
(and a few cupcakes, I could not help my self)

Happy Birthday Mrs. S.!

We are so blessed to have you in our lives!

Until next time...



  1. You... simply the best! Love you guys!!

  2. Heehee!! So very cute! I love them! And I am now also following you on pinterest! xx

  3. Great little set! Love your printing too! Kristina

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