Jan 14, 2013

Cookie Swap Cookies - Part Two

Last week, I shared with you cookies I made for a cookies swap I did,
you can see them Here
Today, I want to share the cookies that
I and Collin got in the mail!
I had no idea what to expect...or what I might get,
But let me tell you..
When I opened the box
Collin and I were both in SHOCK!
Collin was grinning from ear to ear!
I was in tears!
As we pulled out cookie after cookies,
we were both shocked and amazed!
The package was from
The Amazing Jodi of Serendipitous Sweets!
If you are not familiar with Jodi..please take some
time to check out her amazing cookies!
Some of my favorites are These, and These
and of course THESE!
So....would you like to see what we got?

Ok...prepare to be amazed!

 First up Jodi made me some Christmas Daisies!  Daisies are my FAVORITE flower!

Then...I told the ladies in the swap, that Collin and I fight over cookies when

we get them in the mail, so she made cookies with our names on them! No more fighting!

Then...I pulled these beauties out of the box

PUZZLES!  Lots and Lots of Puzzles!

And in The Cookie Puzzle colors...be still my heart!


Then.....wrapped in red tissue paper, were the most amazing cookies



These are COOKIES!

Collin has collected Nutcrackers for years, he has well over 200 of them, we are
actually running out of room, but when Collin saw these cookies,
he quickly told me

"These are NOT for eating"
and they are now on display, with the rest of his Nutcrackers!

Thank you soo much Jodi, Collin and I really enjoyed the cookies!

Until next time....



  1. YAY! I was thrilled to make cookies for you two! I never in my life thought I would be making nutcracker cookies! SO glad I had the opportunity! <3

    1. Thank you again Jodi...they were AMAZING! When Collin saw the cookies, he asked "Can YOU make these cookies mom?" NO....no I can not! Only someone great like you can do that!

  2. I just love those nutcrackers. Jodi did a great job.

  3. Beautiful cookies from Jodi and so personalized to you and Collin. That's awesome! Love the photo of Collin with his cookies!


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