Jan 29, 2013

National Puzzle Day

Did you know that there was a
National Puzzle Day?
I totally did not!
How could I NOT know there was a
National Puzzle Day?
I mean really?
I am pretty much
OBSESSED with Puzzle Pieces.
Some one should have told me! 
Tap Tap Tap
Someone SHOULD have told me!
So...there I was
In my truck
driving home from work
Jamming to
Toby Mac
Do you listen to Toby Mac?
You totally should!
He totally rocks!
And, I had it turned up
Way to loud.
Then the song ended.
And the DJ (do they still call them DJs, or am I dating myself?),
announced that TODAY was
National Puzzle Day!
OMG...I am the worst cookie decorator EVER!
So..I picked up Collin from his grandma's
rushed home
and quickly "googled" it.
January 29th is National Puzzle Day!
Thankfully, being the prepared cookie decorator that I am,
I had a few rectangle and square cookies
base coated white, ready to decorate!
Woot Woot!
(see, Toby Mac makes me young, and I can say things like WOOT WOOT)
I grabbed my edible markers
Decorated some cookies for
National Puzzle Day!
Nothing fancy...but...I now have a few
designs for April, which is
Autism Awareness Month!
So...here you go
Cookies for
National Puzzle day!

I have to say...I am pretty proud of them, I hope you liked them!
Until next time


  1. I totally love your cookies and Toby Mac rocks!!!!! I am Thankful for You!

  2. Those are wonderful! I especially like the super puzzle one! And Toby MAC is soooo cool!

  3. Only a superwoman would have cookies ready to decorate & do a post so quickly. You are a superwoman. I love Toby Mac!


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