Apr 9, 2013

Finding the Missing Puzzle Pieces Thru Soap

What do baking cookies and handcrafting soap have in common? Well, they are two small, but significant parts of the beautifully colored pieces that help to make up the Autistic puzzle. Autism, a neural development disorder, affects information that processes in the brain by altering how nerve cells and their synapses connect and organize; how and why this occurs in the autistic brain is not easily understood.

Instead of celebrating the good through therapy, speech development, a loving family, understanding friends and a strong support team who work together every day to make a child’s world a better place, much of society still tends to focus on the myths rather than the accomplishments that stem from this disorder.

Myths like, “People with autism can’t feel or express their own emotions, nor can they understand the emotions of others.” or that they are “intellectually disabled.” or that every person you “know” with autism acts just like that dude in Rain Man.

Autism is classified as a spectrum disorder, it’s characteristics vary significantly from person to person, no one fits the “cookie cutter” “Rain Man” mold that people often associate with “who” autism is.
Often times, autism brings with it just as many exceptional abilities as limitations. Many people with autism have normal to high IQs and some may excel at math, music, art, sports, crafts, etc... If your child takes in interest in something, help to guide them through the steps and watch then bloom. I guarantee you, you’ll be nothing short of amazed.

My name is Caron Mandell-Williams and I’d love to introduce you to my 20 year old daughter, Carlee “Boo” Scott.

Carlee has overcome many things in her life that we were told she would never be able to do, like ride a bike or be social and outgoing, turns out she is extremely social, and is recognized as the social butterfly by her coaches with the Special Olympics.
Boo (as we call her) graduated High School on time with her classmates. 

She is very active with the Special Olympics and Best Buddies. She is an athlete with the SOAZ. She has played soccer, swam, ran track, along with many other sports with the SOAZ. She has been to the Summer National games for the Special Olympics. Representing the state of AZ, Boo and her teammates competed in soccer and made us proud by bringing home the Bronze Medal.

Volleyball is another one of Boo’s passions. She has been to the USA National Volleyball tournament for the last three years with SOAZ as an All Star team player! She will be making her fourth trip this year in May in Louisville, KY

Boo loves to keep active and is a great player, so if you're in the neighborhood come say hi, we’d love to meet you! Oh and maybe, just maybe you might get a delicious smelling soap sample!

Now about that soap, just when you thought that there would be no possible way to squeeze anything more into Boo’s active lifestyle, think again, there is seriously nothing this girl can’t do! Boo is the Owner, Creator and Head Bubble Maker for her company Lil Miss Bubbles, a soap boutique where she personally handcrafts an amazing line of soaps and body products designed just for kids (or big kids at heart)! Her goal is to create lively shapes and happy smells, things that will make you smile as soon as you see them. 

Boo is in charge of picking out the fragrance oils, molds and the creative design work that, make each make each of her products uniquely fun!
I mean who doesn’t love Gummy Bear soaps in a variety of scents and colors? Or cotton candy lip butter, a root beer float soapsicle or my favorite the monkey fart bath bombs, don’t let the name fool you it is actually a wonderful concoction on banana, sweet grapefruit, mandarin orange, kiwi, coconut cream, pink raspberries, strawberries and apples. How can you resist that?!


Need some instant joy? Check out her website at Lil Miss Bubbles where you’ll find her “Puzzle Piece’s Signature Soap,” along with some other seriously cool things!

For those keeping track, I’m Caron, Carlee “Boo’s” mother. Occasionally you’ll find us teaming together and coming up with some pretty neat contest giveaways Since April is Autism Awareness Month we are giving away a beautiful hand quilted Autism basket filled with the Lil Miss Bubbles large puzzle piece soap set! Everyone who makes a purchase during the month of April at either site, Lil Miss Bubbles or Bubbles Bath Boutique is automatically entered into the drawing. How easy is that?

So check it out, eat some of Kim’s delicious cookies while relaxing in a tub filled with soapy goodness and just think about how you're going to fill that gorgeous quilted basket.

Eat Sweets.
Bathe Gleefully.
Live in Awareness, love and understanding.


  1. Beautiful post!! Boo is such an inspiration, you must be SO proud!!

  2. The soap is absolutely adorable! What fun!
    Boo is a beautiful girl...what an athlete!!

  3. Boo is an amazing girl with a lot of talent!! I can tell she puts a lot of heart and love into everything she does <3


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