Apr 20, 2013

Autism Awareness Airplane Sky Banners by Semi Sweet

Hello! I’m Mike Tamplin. You can usually find me sharing cookie ideas at my blog, Semi Sweet. I want to thank Kim for inviting me over to her blog for the day. I was recently introduced to Kim and her work after a fun, cookie collaboration project we did together. I was so honored when she asked me to be a guest blogger this month to help bring awareness to autism.

Like many guest bloggers before me, my exposure to the world of autism was very limited. I was aware of the disorder from news stories and recent debates on the topic, but I did not know anyone with autism directly. However, after Kim reached out to me to be a part of this month’s blog project, I did my best to learn more about the disorder. My research began with Kim’s own story of her son, Collin. From there, I became more familiar with her blog, where I found a great resource of information on autism, Autism Speaks, as well as the wonderful group, Cookies for iPads.

As I still continue to educate myself more on this disorder, I wanted to do my part and contribute to the awareness this special month with a special cookie batch. I made a cookie platter that illustrates a method that typically reaches a large audience- aerial advertising.

I made cookies of airplanes in flight, towing sky banners behind them. My goal was to create an interesting cookie scene, while also incorporating elements that symbolize Autism Awareness Month.

I colored the airplanes cookies using the four colors of the Kim's Cookie Puzzle logo- red, blue, green and yellow. I added a puzzle design on the wing for kicks. To complement the airplanes, I made supporting cookies of clouds made to look as if they were conjoined puzzle pieces.

The banner itself says, "Autism Awareness", which is bound to get anyone’s attention. I know I took the literal approach of bringing awareness to the cause with this cookie design, but I think it’s fun. My hope is it encourages people to start a dialogue of what they could do to bring more awareness to autism.

Thanks again, Kim, for inviting me over today to be a part of your wonderful cause. You are indeed an inspiration. And most of all, I'm lucky to have "met" you and call you my new cookie friend.


  1. AWESOME Mike!! These cookies are AMAZING!!

  2. I like that he took a different approach to his cookies and veered away from the usual puzzle pieces in primary colors. Mike was still able to incorporate the puzzle pieces but in a different and unique way, while still getting the primary colors in there on the plane. Awesome.
    Everyone's cookies have been inspiring so far this month! Since Kim and I work in the same office I get to hear Collin stories all the time :) He is a good kid and I enjoy hearing stories about him.

  3. I love your cookies Mike! You are so creative. I would have never thought to do something like this. Amazing!

  4. WOW Mike!!! WOW!!! You knocked this right out of the park with these cookies!! This is genius, pure genius!

  5. These are spectacular Mike, that is an incredible idea!! Kim, your guest posters continue to amaze me. You're doing an awesome thing <3

  6. I love what you said about "starting the dialogue". I think that is the key, taking time to learn and to talk about it. Loved your post and the propeller action has me mesmerized

  7. these are fantastic! the clouds are my favorite. :)

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