Apr 16, 2013

Cookies for Jack - Guest post by Grammies Cookies N' Goodies

Hi, my name is Penny Lane Davidson also known as Grammie's Cookie 'N Goodies.

 Don't let the name fool you!! I am only Grammie to our granddog...for now anyway.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that you would be reading a blog post from me!! When my sweet friend Kim asked me, I wanted to run and hide under my bed. But how could I say no to her. I think I would do just about anything she asked me to do. She has brought so much awareness to Autism.

 Something my nephew and cousin live with everyday.  When asked if I would post for Autism Awareness I thought about my cousin Jack. He was my first introduction to Autism.

   Jack is such a handsome young boy with brown hair and the the most beautiful brown eyes. He just celebrated his 12th birthday on March 6th. And Jack has autism. He is such a loving young man. He loves going to church, playing video games, watching television, reading and going to school.  His favorite tv shows are Wipeout, Wheel of Fortune and Gaither Gospel Hour.

  Jack loves for his sister to read to him every night before bed. He also loves to read his Bible. Some of his favorite things to do are going to Target, Books A Million, the movies and bowling. He looks forward to spending the night every Friday with his Meme and Pawpaw. Jack's favorite foods are  pancakes, chicken and french fries.

  These are just a few of the things that Jack loves. When I asked his mom to help me with this I could not help but smile while reading all of the things that make Jack happy. It was the last couple of sentences that really made my heart swell. She said, "Penny, I thank God for this little guy everyday!! I am a better person because of him."

  And that my friend is what love and Jack are all about.

Thank you Kim for giving me this opportunity to share this sweet young man with all of your friends. Love you Jack!


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