Apr 22, 2013

Autism Awareness Cookies from CookieCrazie

Hi there.
I'm Pam from CookieCrazie.
What an honor for Kim to ask me to contribute a post for Autism Awareness month.
I count it a privilege to join lots of other cookie decorators in supporting Kim's efforts. :)

I've been more educated in the last couple of years about autism and its prevalence.
I've learned much after some much needed changes that I've made in my own personal life.
When I took a major detour back in March 2011 and decided to allow my food choices to 
improve my health, I began to read on a regular basis all the recent news on many health conditions.

You can read about my story here.

What I found was astonishing. 
The food we now daily partake of is not necessarily what we perceive it to be....healthy!
Our food has changed dramatically in the last few decades,
and yet the changes were done almost secretly without our knowledge.

Much of our food is processed and contains lots of ingredients that are actually harmful to our health!
And then.....some of the main ingredients of our diet have been genetically modified.
As a result......our health has declined.
More and more people are experiencing a multitude of health issues.

Autism has seen a dramatic increase in the last 30 years, as well
Now I'm not saying that autism is caused solely by what someone eats......
but I do believe that many of the foods we consume have
a profound effect on those suffering from autism.

I've begun following several food blogs that encourage careful eating choices.
A few of them were born by moms with autistic children or children with severe problems.
Many have found that when they limit the child's diet and rid it of processed foods and
genetically modified organisms (GMOs), there has been a dramatic improvement in their conditions.

Once such blog is The Spunky Coconut.
I love Kelly's intuitiveness and her "spunky" way of tackling autism.
She has changed her family's diet and seen wonderful results in her daughter who is battling autism..... and improvement in other family health conditions, as well.

Here's some favorite blogs that talk of how changing diet can profoundly change 
health conditions......including autism.

And now on to my special set of cookies to highlight Autism Awareness......

Come visit me at CookieCrazie.
 I'd love for you to stop by and help me make a difference for Ukraine missions through my cookies.

Thanks Kim.....for allowing me to be a part of your efforts in Autism Awareness. :)


  1. Gorgeous cookies Pam! Thanks for all the great blogs to visit! Can't wait to go read them and learn lots more!

  2. Thanks Elizabeth. :) I hope the sites are helpful to you. :)

  3. Beautiful Cookies!! And the earth was so appropriate for today is also earth day!!

    1. Thanks Marci! And that's awesome that I happened to post on Earth Day and made an earth cookie. :)

  4. I really appreciate this post Pam! Our food is such a big deal and often overlooked. The chemical overload that our bodies face I think has become overwhelming. Thank you for sharing.


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