Apr 13, 2013

Autastic Cookies by Not Your Everyday Cookie

Thank you Kim for inviting me to be a guest blogger!  You know I think the world of you, Collin, and REALLY appreciate all you do to spread autism awareness! 

Hello!  I'm Lene from Not Your Everyday Cookie.  In brainstorming about this post, I kept thinking about my friends that have children with autism.  I live far away from all of those friends right now.  The closest I am able to get to them is through Facebook and the photos they post.  I am one of those moms that loves to take photos of their children, and I LOVE to see photos of my friends’ children, as well.  If I can’t enjoy them in person, I can enjoy their photos, right?  I have four friends, in particular, whose kids always make me smile. I love hearing stories about their adventures, their ups, and their downs. 

Once I found the Autism Shines page, I decided I wanted to go with the same concept for my cookies for this project.  I asked my four friends to write something special about their child with autism.  Much to my delight, all of my friends were thrilled to help me.     

I just recently came across AutismShines.  (Check out the blog and Facebook page when you need a pick me up!)  It is such an uplifting and inspirational page.  Four blogging parents of children with autism came together for this special project to show the world the positive side of autism in a world where the media has shown so much negative.   I absolutely LOVE looking at the photos and reading about these amazing kids.  I also learned a new word on the page – “AUTASTIC!”   Seriously, I love that word!

So without further adieu, meet Alex, Henry, Kent, and Lily.....

These are the faces of autism.  THIS IS AUTISM!

One final thing I wanted to share with you…..

I saw this video last year, and it makes me cry each and every time I watch it.  Katy Perry and Jodi DiPiazza sing "Firework".   "Night of Too Many Stars: America Comes Together for Autism Programs" is hosted by Jon Stewart and raises money with NYCA (New York Collaborates for Autism) to support and create autism programs, schools, and services all over the country.  Please watch it - you'll be glad you did! 

Thank you, Kim, for allowing me to be a part of this special project that I know is so close to your heart!! <3  


  1. @lene.. Only one word comes to mind.. FABULOUS!

  2. Great post and love your cookies Lene!! I have seen this video so many times and like you it brings tears to my eyes every time.

    1. Thank you, Tami! I agree...I LOVE that video!

  3. First I LOVE these cookies. They are heartwarming and represent so many children!

  4. What terrific post, Lene!! Love your cookies. Amazing job!

  5. You totally knocked it out of the park Lene. Your cookies are so amazing!


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