Apr 15, 2013

An Important Piece to the Puzzle by Arty McGoo

Hi there!  My name is Liz but my friends call me Arty McGoo.  Thank you so much Kim, for inviting me to be a guest blogger for your Autism Awareness series.  I admire the heck out of you!  Each time I talk with a mom or teacher of an autistic child, I am struck by the time and dedication they put towards research, therapies, and what is needed to help their children thrive.  What will help them.  What will comfort them.

I can imagine when their children start responding to those therapies and different techniques, it must be the most rewarding feeling in the world!  My nephew has been going to a preschool focused on helping autistic children and we were just told that he has gained the skills he needs to be mainstreamed into regular kindergarten classes when he turns five!  It is amazing to see how far he has come!

I know each autistic child is as different as those puzzle pieces, but I see a very heartwarming trend in those who thrive, and that trend is LOVE.  They are so LOVED!  It takes a special person with a big heart and lots of patience to teach children with autism.  It takes a special family to deal with the challenges of diagnoses and asking all the right questions, answering other's questions, and unconditionally LOVING them, even on especially hard days when they're not so easy to LOVE.

A little bit about the cookie process:

    I used two cutters and before you ask I will say "YES!"  It was hard to put the puzzle pieces back together after baking.  I was filing down those hearts like a mad woman.  This was my first time making puzzle piece cookies so some of you veteran puzzle piece cookie makers can give me some advice: Would it be easier to keep the cut cookies together and re-cut them apart when they are straight out of the oven? {Best.  Tutorial.  Ever.  I'm asking questions about how to do it better}  :D

Next step is the egg wash.  It is as simple as the name says.  Grab an egg yolk, add a drop of food color {a little goes a long way} and mix.  Using a paintbrush, paint a thin coat of the colored yolk onto your cookies immediately after baking, while the cookies are still hot.  It will create a glossy, smooth, and colorful surface.  *This is a great way to decorate with kids.

I hope you have a fantastic day!  {Even though it's Tax Day}  
I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes: 

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."
~Ian MacLaren


  1. Great post Elizabeth!!! I'd LOVE to get inside that creative cookie brain of yours;) Today will be a FABULOUS day, for I got my taxes done last night...YAY!!!

  2. Beautiful post and such a fabulous job on the cookie puzzle. It looks like it fits together perfectly to me! I also love the shiny and bright look to the egg washed cookies. I will have to try that technique soon!

  3. Great set of cookies, Liz! I wouldn't know where to start with a cookie puzzle. They look perfect to me!

  4. So Cute Liz!!! Love them and so happy your nephew is doing so well!!!


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