Feb 14, 2013

Talk Nerdy to Me - A Group Project

Happy Valentine's Day Cookie Lovers!

I was asked to be a part of a 
group project, coordinated by the super talented

I love doing group projects....they get my creative juices flowing,

but if I am being totally honest,

they scare the heck out of me!

I get super excited when I get the email.

Then...I look at the list of people who are also invited.

Then I totally freak out...knowing in my heart, 
that when the project is posted,my cookies will be the
lamest cookies of the bunch.

Then I totally start stalking the other participates on Instagram,
trying to get a sneak peak of what they are doing.

Then I ask everyone I come into contact with what I should do.

Then I search Google for like 18 million hours.

Then I cry.
Then I eat a jar of Nutella.
Then I pull my act together.
And do what I always do.


He is my go to
"Idea Guy"

The theme of this project was

So.....I made a "Nerd Cookie"

Now...let's look at the amzing cookies that the others did!

WOW!  Great Job

3. Cristin - Cristin's Cookies
4. Jill - Jill FCS
Thank you Lene for inviting me to join this project...It was a lot of fun.
To my fellow participates, thank you allowing me to be part of
such an awesome group, I look forward to more
projects in the future....I have my Nutella ready!
Until next time


  1. LOVE these "Nerd" Cookies!!! The minute I hear the word "nerd", I too do not think of "geeky nerds", I think of CANDY NERDS!!!!! How funny is that!!

  2. You nervous? NO way! Your cookies always rock! Your post made me laugh because I TOTALLY get it! Collin is a genius! These cookies are awesome (I REALLY want to eat that cookie with the nerd border!)! Thanks for playing!!

  3. Kim, this is TOTALLY me! I love group projects because I'm so inspired, but then, I just know mine aren't going to be good enough. And then everyone will secretly think that I suck and will shun me from cookier land. I totally get it :) But, seriously, I love these cookies! I love nerds - the candy and the sub-sect of people ;)

  4. I love this post Kim and I love your cookies. Collin is really a genius with ideas. I can't wait until one day we can share a jar of Nutella together ;-)

  5. What a fun play on words! I think your nerd characters are super cute!


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