Feb 15, 2013

My Cookie Marathon...Valentine's Day 2013

Happy Friday Cookie Lovers!
I know that it is supposed to be
Flashback Friday,
but I wanted to share with you
what I did last weekend.
I had a cookie marathon!
I started baking at 7 pm on Friday Night
(after working all day, at my real job).



By 7 pm on Sunday...they were all packaged and ready for delivery!
19 dozen cookies in total!
I was tired...but I had a ball!
I am linking up at Simply Sweets by Honeybee for
 Simply Sweets by Honeybee
Until next time......
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  1. First of all I have to comment on your blue nail polish....LOVE IT!!! Secondly, you are amazing!! 19 dozen cookies?? WOW! They look spectacular. I'm afraid that if I did that many, the last 10 dozen would look rather sloppy. LOL

  2. Great post Kim! I tried to view this post yesterday but my phone was acting up. You are a cookie machine. I have to say that your strawberries look amazing. Thanks for linking up sweets.

  3. These are too cute!!

  4. Adorable cookies. and even more amazing- you! 19 dozen.... I can't even imagine.


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