Feb 25, 2013

Colored Dough Shamrocks...

Last week I told you about the fun
I had working with Colored Dough!
You can read all about it Here
I made these cookies
I had made these out of the left over dough from two other
cookie sets I had made. 
Today, I will share the first set of cookies
I made with my colored dough.
I love these.
Using colored dough really makes a simple cookie POP!
Is is it too early to start working on St.Patrick's Day cookies?
Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?
What are you plans?
Then I combined the "left over dough" cookies with the Shamrock cookies
and took 8 million pictures.
Here are two of my favorite ones.
Fun fun fun!
Make sure you come back next time,
I will share with your the REAL reason
I decided to try colored dough.
Cookies that I am in love with.
Cookies that I am passionate about.
Cookies that make me smile.
Cookies that are the heart of The Cookie Puzzle.
Until next time


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