Sep 4, 2015

Stuff He Brought Home Vol. 6

Happy Friday!

Welcome to Vol.6 of Stuff He Brought Home!

This is a series I do each week here on the blog, showing you, well, STUFF HE BROUGHT HOME!
He, is Mr. Cookie Puzzle...and he brings home A LOT of stuff...some wicked cool...some odd...some totally unique, and some stuff, like this weeks item, has me scratching my head. has been a long time since I have done of of these posts... but trust me, it is all my fault..not Mr. Cookie Puzzle's!  He has brought home LOTS of STUFF...I just can not get MY act together to take pictures and write post...BLOGGER FAIL!

So...what do we have today?

An Antique Iron...DUH!

Doesn't everyone have one of these?

He picked this up at an auction about a month ago, with lots of other stuff, but
this is wicked cool!

I have a few antique irons, but this one is unique.
As you can see, it opens.
Is that to put hot coals in to warm the iron?
Any ideas?

It is on the smallish size...not as big as my other ones, and since
it is hollow in the middle, it is pretty light weight, but still
heavy enough to work as an iron.

There was even a note inside it! came from Romania!
There was also a name,but I am not sharing that...privacy and all...sorry!

I will say, I think it might be a little older then the dates listed, I believe the 
dates are the dates that the lady I suspect the iron is older then this.

No matter how old it is...I love it!

Bonus Points for Mr. Cookie Puzzle

So...that is that...What He Brought Home....An Antique Iron!

If you have any information about this piece and want to share, I would love to hear from you.

Until next time....

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