Sep 21, 2015

Quick and Easy Amish Cinnamon Bread ( Link Party Inspired)

I have been hosting a weekly link party, on Tuesday Nights, for over a year, and I get so inspired by the links.  I find myself, week after week, wanting to make some of the links, but something always held me back.  What?  What holds me back?  ME!

I have longed for over a year, to makes some of the recipes or crafts that are linked to the weekly party, and then blog about them.  BUT...the whole "I don't want to look like I am a "Blog Post Idea Copy Cat".  You know those bloggers who totally steal ideas and then don't give credit and pass the idea off as their own?  Yeah...I don't want to look like one of those people.  Bloggers work hard to put quality content on their blogs.

THEN....I shared my thoughts with my best friends, who happens to be an awesome blogger, Melissa from Simply Sweets by Honeybee, and what she told me, gave me a big ole "slap your head" moment.  She said "Isn't that the IDEA of a link party, to INSPIRE other bloggers?"  Well...DUH...of course it is.  So...that is what I am going to do...share a blog post that is totally and 100% inspired by one of the links from my weekly link party!

So...I give to you...Quick and Easy Amish Cinnamon Bread!

Easy Amish Cinnamon Bread

This recipe comes from Mindie from The (mis) Adventures of a Born Again Farm Girl, and it is AMAZING!

Easy Amish Cinnamon Bread

I am a big fan of Amish Cinnamon Bread!  What I am not a fan of is the typical process of making it.  Traditional Amish bread starts with, well, a starter.  If you are not familiar with a "starter" type bread, it involves a process, where you make a starter, then over 15-21 days you follow instructions of adding this or that, dividing it up, begging friends to take a bag of "starter" and doing the same thing and like 8 gamillion bags of "stuff" in you kitchen...well,,to put it simply, it is anything but SIMPLE.

Easy Amish Cinnamon Bread

BUT...thanks to Mindie...the process has been totally simplified...and you can have delicious Amish Cinnamon Bread anytime...without the hassle....Thanks so much as AMAZING!

If you want some for yourself...make sure you head over to Mindie's blog and get the recipe and try it yourself...maybe even tell her that Kim sent you!

Until next time....

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