May 18, 2014

Pieces of My Puzzle 5-18-14

Happy Sunday!

Today is a very special day here 
at The Cookie Puzzle.

I am going to keep this post pretty short.  
We kinda have lot going on today.

Collin is graduating from High School today.

Here is a picture of him at graduation practice on Friday.

I could go on an on, and I might to that
later this week, but for now, I will 
just get to what I have been up to this week.

I made these!

Quick and Easy Coconut Macaroons for Spring

I hosted Tasty Tuesdays.

And I hosted Party in Your PJs.

Party in Your PJs is still open.
Melissa and I have set a goal of 
reaching 100 links, and we need your help,
so link up and spread the word.

I would love to stick around and chat with you all,
but I have 230 cookies that I need to
package for graduation and a son to get ready too.

Catch you all later!

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