Dec 1, 2013

Pieces of My Puzzle 12-1-13

Happy December 1st!
Sorry I have been MIA say life has been crazy lately
would be a major understatement.
But, I am back, and I will try
not to be gone so long next time
So...let's get too it!
Did everyone have a happy Thanksgiving?
I has a very blessed day.
We had breakfast with Mr. Cookie Puzzle's Mom, his brother and our
2 nieces and nephew.  Nothing like starting the day off right, with a
big family breakfast.  Spending time with my nieces and nephews is always a blessing, they
are growing up fast.  We got our bellies full, cleaned up, and played some cards.
After that, we packed up and heading to my sister's house for
Thanksgiving dinner with my family.
Again, it was a blessed event, my sister hosted dinner this year
in her new house, and she did an amazing job!
I ate way too much food, and she sent me home with enough
left overs to feed an army!
Black Friday.....well...we did not venture out in the crowds.
As I have mentioned before, I hate shopping, and shopping
in crowds is not my cup of tea.
So...that means I have no Christmas presents purchased yet.
What about you?
Are you one of those crazy organized shoppers who has everything done?
I am more of a last minute shopper type, make a list, run in and grab what
I need and get out of Dodge!
Not much baking or cooking took place this week.
I did have 15 dozen cookies that I delivered on Saturday, but
I forgot to take any pictures.  They were very simple mini cookies
with one color on them.  They were for a couple celebrating their
60th wedding anniversary!  Can you imagine being married that long?
Mr. Cookie Puzzle and I have been married 19 years in a few weeks, and
that seems like a life time!  I told him that I have now officially been with him
for more then half my life.  I guess I will stick around a few more years!
As for Christmas Cookies, well I have one set in my head that I want to make
this year. And after that, we will see how it goes.
Hopefully I will get them baked today, or tomorrow, or whenever.
I try to keep  things simple, and just offer one or two options
for Christmas each year.  My customers seem to be happy with this
arrangement, so why change it up?
Last year I offered these Nativity Cookies, and they were a hit.
Then, I thought maybe some personalized Stocking Cookies, the
kiddos always enjoy them.
Then...I also have to make candy..lots of candy.
Mr. Cookie Puzzle runs his own business, and every year
I make gift baskets for his business associates and the
companies he works with. Last years I put together
35 baskets....that is a lot of fudge, clusters, bark and other
goodies.  If I can get my act together, I will share my
recipes for BIG BATCH candy.
TV Time....well...lots of my favorite shows are on break,
so I have been spending my TV time watching mindless TV until they get back.
Last night Collin and I watched
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two.
Did you watch it?  Are you a fan?
ABC Family had a Harry Potter marathon on this weekend,
so I watched as many of the movies as I could, and recorded them for later.
So...that is about it...a long post about nothing really.
Just me...keeping it real....trying like crazy to keep my heard
above water.
Until next time...


  1. I also am NOT a shopper. I have to have all my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving. Poo on all those good deals. I get to sit home and be happy that I am not out getting pushed and shoved.

    Harry Potter??? Can't wait to share my cookies for the inspiration challenge ;)

  2. My niece and I brave the crowds on Black Friday but we swoop in like ninjas after the doors open and leave before anyone has a chance to trample, shove or annoy us. We have a whole game plan before we get there and are in constant contact even when separated. We go to opposite ends of the store, grab what we need and meet in the middle. The crowds weren't too bad this year and we got some great deals. I probably got half of my shopping done in 2 hours.

    I can't wait until you post your recipes Kim! I think I'll make up a big batch of something for neighbors and co-workers. Thanks!

  3. I do the majority of my Christmas shopping online and never venture out on Black Friday. Your nativity cookies are beautiful!


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