Dec 29, 2013

Pieces of My Puzzle 12-29-13

Howdy folks and Happy Sunday.

Well...this is last Pieces of My Puzzle post of 2013!

Confession...I have debated long and hard about weather I should keep up these posts.  Honestly, they have not been a big hit here.  I find myself having to get up early on Sunday's to write them, they seem a little tossed together, and some weeks I just don't feel like writing them at all.  Well, I expressed my concerns and fears with my best friend and she pointed out that they are a great way to let my readers to learn about my life outside this blog.  A way for me to get real, vent a little, and share some of the crazy that is going on in my life.  Maybe talk about the books I am reading, the TV shows I have been watching, Pop Culture...whatever is occupying my life this week, so...if you like my Pieces of my Puzzle posts, you have dear Melissa to thank.  Thanks are the best!

So...Christmas has come and gone.  Did you have fun?  Are you glad it is over?  Have you taken your tree and decorations down yet?  Me...we had a very blessed day, and am SOOOO glad it is over, and nope...tree is still up.  Collin's favorite gifts this year was BOOKS!  We got him a WiiU, but, books were the star...just hours after open his gifts, he was in his room reading.  I have to share, that as a parent, especially as a parent of an autistic son, this makes my heart sing.  It too many years to get him to even try to read books, and longer to get him to Love reading, and now...well, it is his passion.  While at Walmart yesterday, he said "Mom, I have moved on, I want books, not video games"  Wow...what more can a parent ask for?

TV watching this week has been a little off.  I have found myself watching crazy shows like "Pawn Stars" "American Pickers" and "Ax Men"  What?  Crazy I know, but with all my favorite shows on break...I have to watch something.  So...there you go..nothing exciting really but, entertaining for sure.

Got big plans for New Year's Ever?  We will be doing what we always do, going to a party at our Church.  We get there at 8 pm, eat, visit, play games or watch a movie, then pray in the New Year, and home by 12:10.  I need to bring some snack foods, but am stuck on what to bring.  Got any ideas?  Something fun, easy and tasty?  Share with me some recipes a girl out?

Oh...ya'll....I have busted out my crochet needles and yarn....I have not done that in years....and I have to confess, I am kinda loving it.  I will share with you my finished project, maybe this week.  That is if it looks good at all, and I can figure out how to take a decent looking picture of it.  Talk about a challenge.

So..this week has been pretty quiet on the blog...just one little post...Simple Snowflake cookies...but they were fun, and easy...what is not to love about that?

I pray everyone has a safe and happy New Year.  I am ready to start a new year for sure...planning lots of changes, new me, new vision for the blog, spread my wings a little, see where I end up.


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