Dec 15, 2013

Pieces of my Puzzle 12-15-13

It is now December 15th!  That means there are officially 10 days until Christmas.  Are you ready?
Have all your cookies and candy made.  Is your Christmas Tree up?  How about all your gifts, are they are purchased?

Me, well....I am almost there.  Thanks to online shopping, I am almost done with my gifts, got to love shopping in your pajamas, while watching TV, and free shipping!  No crowds, rude people and thanks to Amazon, running from store to store!

I have all my baking almost done.  Friday night I packaged up all my candy...38 containers of candy! I was up at 6 yesterday morning, and baked and decorated 20 dozen mini Christmas cookies..WOOT WOOT!

My Christmas tree, it is up...but don't break out the awards yet.  For the last few years, I have only put up a table top tree, and it is blue, and I love it!  I live in a pretty small house, and putting up my big tree involves, getting up in the attic, moving furniture and all kinds of chaos, so...small blue tree it is.  I am firmly anti chaos during the Christmas season.  I love my small tree, and Santa does not seem to mind.

I have not gotten much reading done this week, still trying to get through The Throne of Fire.  Collin finished Atlantis Rising, and is waiting for Christmas to come to start a new book.  His Christmas list this year included mostly books.  I sent word to Santa, so I think he will be a happy boy.

TV time.....lots of good TV this week.  I am sad to see the Winter finale of my favorite shows.
American Horror Story BLEW MY MIND!  I think I will watch the first season, while waiting for it to start again in January.  Grey's Anatomy and Scandal also ended.  I have watched Grey's since it started, and it did go through an awkward phase for a few years, but is come out of that, and I love the show now.  Talk about a cliff hanger!  WOW...just WOW!  Scandal, I did not watch the first season, and started watching it halfway through the second season, but it is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows.   Survivor ends tonight, the last few seasons were kind of boring, but I am loving this years.  Who are you rooting for? For me, I would like to see Ciera win, girl is tough, took huge risks, and has fought to stay in the game. Now...I have to find something to occupy my TV time until my favorite shows come back.

So...this week on the blog


 Coming this week....well...I am not sure....while I made lots of candy...I kind of gave most of it away and forgot to save some to take pictures with...oppps...blogger foul!
I did save a little, so if I can get some good pictures, I will share my Million Dollar Fudge recipe, and my recipe for Crispy Peanut butter balls.  I also made tons of chocolate covered pretzels, but those are simple, not sure if they are blog worthy.  Oh...and the cookies....I will try to save them....easy and cute, and perfect for gift to love that!  I will try to share those too.
Until next time....

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