Nov 15, 2013

SciFi Cookies

Remember when I told you that I had the chance to make
Birthday Cookies last week?

Well....I did....Star Trek cookies!

But before I get to those cookies,
I want to share cookies I made
LAST Year!

For the same birthday boy, well, man actually,
but when you have  birthday, I think you can
be called a boy!

Erica wanted cookies for her Dad's Birthday.

He is all about SciFi.

Not just any SciFi, she wanted the
1950's type of SciFi.

So...I busted out the cutters and did the best that I could.

I made some iconic "alien" cookies,
using an Easter Egg cutter.


And some "planets" using a circle.
Not sure which planets these are..
but I liked how they looked.

And SciFi Cookies are not
complete without that
classic blue rocket.

Or a UFO, which I made by using a football cutter combined
with a small circle.

After all...all aliens need a UFO.
I was happy with how they turned out
to me, these are all
Vintage SciFi, but then again
I am no expert!
 forward to this year!
Last week to be exact.
Again, Erica wanted cookies for her dad's birthday.
This year, she requested Star Trek.
Now, about all I know about Star Trek is
the "Live Long and Prosper" phrase, so
I needed a little help with these cookies.
Thankfully, a quick Google search took me to
I found This tutorial, and using a star and circle
cookie cutter, I was able to make
Star Trek Cookies.

Until next time
Live long and Prosper!


  1. Nice Kim! I love how your Star Trek cookies look shimmery. I'm not a Trekkie but I love a pretty cookie!

  2. You did a great job on the Star Trek cookies! =) They look great!
    Pinning to my cookie board.


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