Nov 3, 2013

Pieces of My Puzzle 11-3-13

Happy Sunday!
Sorry I missed last week,
life happens, and a blog post
last Sunday just could not happen.
So let's just jump right into it.
Since we were last together, stuff has lots of stuff.
Kim and Kanye got engaged!  Does anyone care?
Prince George got baptized.  What a cutie pie...and his uncle Harry...HOT HOT HOT!
Real Housewives of Atlanta and Beverly Hill is back this week, as is Vanderpump Rules.
Very excited to have all these shows back!
American Horror Story...get's better every week.  Who is the new Supreme?  Where did Kyle go? What the heck is going on with Hank?  Spalding...wackadoodle butler king!  And..can we please see more of the them all!
No Halloween episode of The Big Bang Theory..what the heck is up with that?  Boo!
Have you seen Houston Beauty on the OWN network?  OMG...Beauty School DRAMA!  Add this who to your guilty pleasure list.  Mia/Ryan...way funny!
So...Collin finished reading The House of Hades, and LOVED it...I am about a third of the way into it, and this is the best book yet. LOVE it...can not put it is really cut into my Candy
Crushing is that good.
Big exciting news with Collin, Tuesday, he starts his first job!  This is something that has been a goal of ours since last year, we have tried several programs, but Collin just did not "click" with them, and finally, this one, he LOVES..he is so excited about it.  Please say a little prayer for us, this is a HUGE step in his transition plan.  This is a job that he can keep after graduation, learn many new skills, improve is social skills, and grow friendships, all of this is important to his development.  He filled out the job application by himself, went on an interview, and an orientation, and did not need the support of his Para.  I will confess, that when the teacher sent me a text saying that Collin got the job, I cried, I sat in my truck, in the Macy's Parking lot, as I was on my lunch hour, and cried.  Happy tears, as Collin achieved one of his goals, and sad tears, as this means he is growing up, and becoming independent. onto food stuff.  Is anyone doing Thanksgiving...or is blog land taking us straight to Christmas?
Before either Thanksgiving or Christmas....I did a few Halloween goodies.


Coming this week...
You will have to come back to see!


  1. Congratulations on Collin's job! That is so exciting!! =)

    Thanks for all of the Halloween recipes!

  2. I am so excited about RHOBH starting in again this week. Oh the drama!!!!! LOLOL

    WOO HOO for Collin getting a job!! How exciting!!


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